Dani Won't French Kiss Unless She's 'Madly, Deeply' In Love

By Matt Muro

"No, I do not kiss with tongue," says Dani from "Love Games" and "Bad Girls Club." "Unless I am madly, deeply, passionately in love." And she's serious about this. In fact, her love needs to feel like "dancing and kissing in the rain type of sh*t." If not, she says: "I don't want to taste, feel [or] sense your saliva anywhere near the inside of my mouth." Odd, right?

I mean, Dani may be the only one in Bad Girls Club history who is so vehemently anti-tongue and anti-saliva. Because, isn't open-mouthed kissing about as serious as a handshake for most Bad Girls? We're kidding, of course.
But does the fan who asked this question and called Dani a "total prude" have a point? Is it prudish to keep your tongue in solitary confinement unless you are "madly" in love? Is Dani a Good Girl at heart?
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