Erika Is Back (BGC, Ep. 913)

Going back to the house all I wanted to do was shut the other girls down since I heard they all of a sudden got tough once we left. I honestly thought I would fight Rima again or maybe Julie since she said I was talking about Christina when I wasn’t, but of course they were all too scared to fight.

When we walked into the photo shoot, the other girls were scared silent as a church mouse! The photo shoot was fun for me I was cute!

I wanted to fight Rima because she was talking crazy when I left as if she sent me home when really I sent myself home by knocking her damn block off HELLO HUNTI C*NTI!!

At first I was surprised that none of the girls wanted to fight, but then I remembered they were pabs anyways. Natasha and Zuly were just sitting there quietly. I didn’t really think much of them at all.

I’m so excited for the reunion because me and Big Draws McGraw a.k.a Julie have some unfinished business that I plan on finishing.

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