Falen on BGC 902: I always expect the unexpected!

By Falen BGC9

Christina and I fought because she talked sh*t about me apparently and I can't stand her obnoxious, loud, manly voice!

When I saw the other girls at the bar, I thought Rima was wild, Christina had no swag, Erika was cool, Mehgan was too prissy and tried too hard, Julie seemed real and could hold her own, and Ashley seemed like a real ditz, the definition of a dumb blond.

When Rima and Mehgan started fighting in the house, I thought, “Oh Lord, here we go, let the drama begin!” Rima and Mehgan had a lot of tension and I knew the peace wasn't going to last long. I wasn't shocked when Rima threw the cranberry juice on Mehgan, I always expect the unexpected!!! All I could think was, “Damn, now the ceilings are sticky. What a dirty mess!”

When Mehgan threw Rima's clothes in the pool, I just thought, “They better not touch my sh*t or do anything to my things, or I'm going HAM, discretion advised!”

When the other girls tried to vote Mehgan out of the house… at first I wanted her out as well because I thought she was talking sh*t about me, but then… I couldn't. I felt bad. So I didn't raise my hand!

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