Falen on BGC 904: I was in no place to judge.

By Falen BGC9

Why did I decide to pick on Rima? Well, I was bored and no one liked her. I thought she was okay initially and really, I was in no place to judge. After hearing everyone’s stories, I decided that she sounded very fake. I guess got caught up in all of it. But, you live and you learn!

When I picked up the phone and Rima’s friend wanted to speak to Erika, I thought it was funny. I was surprised when they went HAM on the phone asking for the one with the “nappy hair.”

At the time, when we threw Rima’s mattress into the pool I thought she deserved to sleep with the fishes. I didn’t care that we were bullying her. But after a while, I felt pretty bad and decided we were going too far. But I don’t think Erika’s comment about Rima and Ashley killing themselves crossed a line. When I get mad, I say things that are outrageous and things that can hurt someone's feelings. When you’re mad, you do ugly things! But at the same time, in a way I do think Erika’s comment about Rima being a single mom went too far. My sister is a single mom, and it was rude of Erika because she doesn't know how tough it is to take care of another human being by yourself!

When Ashley didn’t join in taunting Rima, I thought she was a follower and that she would take and do whatever Rima said to her. I didn't expect for Ashley to "STAND UP FOR HER RIGHTS." When she did, I was proud of her. Get it girl!

I thought it was cute when Ashley signed us up for salsa classes, but I was not in the mood for no damn salsa dancing. I was tired, hung-over, and not in the mood for any more bullsh*t going down!

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