Get Wet 'N Wild With The Music From Episode 8

By Maisie Bornstein

Rocky and Shannon sure know how to get down. Now you can too with the music from Episode 8!

1. Scott & Brendo, One Afternoon- get it here!
2. Nikki Carabello, Fishnet Beauty Queen- get it here!
3. Matt Coe, Breeder- get it here!
4. Shellee, Tara Strutt- get it here!
5. Courtney Jenae, Butterflies- get it here!
6. Five Knives, Murder, Love- get it here!
7. Nick Driver, It’s A Beautiful Day- get it here!
8. Junkie XL, Tureos- get it here!

Oh yeah, and we made a Spotify playlist (updated weekly.) Go and get your groove on, we made it easy: 

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