Julie And Falen Sitting In A Tree (BGC, Ep. 912)

I think Falen and I just have one of those weird friendships where it developed into something more. She's a beautiful girl and we were really close the whole time we were in the house.

I was glad that Natasha brought up what happened in Atlanta with Erica because there was definitely tension. We needed an opportunity to clear the air. After getting to know Natasha, she and I got along really well. She is pretty easygoing and fun.

I liked Durkee because he had a sarcastic smart a*s sense of humor like myself and he was one of the few people I met in Mexico that I could have a semi-intelligent conversation with. I had no idea that Falen was jealous when Durkee and I were hooking up! Hahahaha!

I don't think I was rude to Durkee when I saw him at Baja Junkie. I just wasn't really feeling him like that, and I think he could tell and was mad. I wasn't jealous that Durkee was talking to another girl at Pink Kitty, I just thought he was being really immature and ridiculous. He was clearly TRYING to piss me off, which was unnecessary.

Truth or dare at Baja Cantina was a hilarious disastrous mess. I think my favorite part of that day was when Tasha made out with that random guy on the beach. Parasailing was definitely a cool experience, but I was over it after the first minute. The view was beautiful, but I was afraid I was going to fall into the ocean.

I think being in a situation like we were would put a lot of stress on any relationship. I obviously had only ever seen Rima with Ricky, and I thought they were really cute together. To me, it seemed like many of her conversations with Anthony just upset her, so I didn't have the best impression of him.

I am cursed when it comes to guys. They always turn crazy on me. Durkee grabbing me at the club definitely brought back memories of all the crazy scenes that my ex used to cause, and it seriously upset me. I don't even know why he was being so psycho, we never even banged. Lol.

Ashley and Spencer were super cuuuute! Spencer was such a nice guy too and all the girls liked having him around.

When I told Falen how I felt, we had been hooking up for a while but we were sneaky so you guys didn't catch us haha! I definitely had strong feelings for Falen, and I think she had feelings for me too but felt uncomfortable since she's never dated girls before.

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