Julie Gets It (BGC, Ep. 916)

I wasn't worried when everyone was on stage, I was just preparing myself for the inevitable, and because I knew that everyone would gang up on me.

I don't think I would describe any of the girls as "haters," I think they all hate me because I made them look stupid, and I find it hilarious to see them all so pissed.

While Erika was fighting me, I literally wasn't fazed. I just wanted to get it over with and bring on the next b*tch.

I definitely understand why all the old girls hated me, because I made them look like complete idiots and f*cked them all over. I think the fact that I don't care about how they feel probably rubbed salt in their wounds. Too bad.

I didn't feel uncomfortable talking about my relationship with Falen. I don't particularly value the opinion of anyone who would judge me for it, so it's whatever.

I was happy to see Zuly and Falen kiss at the reunion! Haha there was some tension between them, so I was happy to see it squashed.

I was sad when Erika left, because at the time I GENUINELY wanted Rima to leave and not her. Obviously now, Erika's absence would make me happy instead of sad. Hahahaha.

When Erika accused me of telling her to talk about Rima's son, I had to roll my eyes. We all saw on the show that Mehgan was the one who did. ZzZzZzZz.

Tanisha saying that I was the one to instigate most of the issues was just the truth. I openly admitted throughout the entire show that I was PURPOSELY trying to stir the pot.

I absolutely manipulated situations in my favor. I'm well aware that my fighting skills are sub-par, and I even described myself in my casting tape as an "evil, manipulative, b*tch."

Mehgan and Erika didn't have to accuse me of being a thief, I openly stated that I took Mehgan's bracelet and gave it to a homeless man. She had no idea prior to my stating it. I really don't feel bad because Mehgan used all my sh*t, stayed in my room, ate all my food, and had me pay for her many times. At least I gave to charity :)

My friendship with Mehgan ended because she's a miserable two-faced unappreciative beast who is no fun to be around. That's that.

When Mehgan and Andrea gave me a cranberry juice/mustard shower, I wasn't really thinking at all. I just went into attack mode. I totally understand why they were upset, but I think the way they ALL ganged up on me at the same time was completely revolting. They had HOURS on that stage with me, and barely said anything. Then they all came gunning for me. PATHETIC.

When people were apologizing and hugging, it pretty much took every ounce of my strength to hold back from vomiting all over the stage. GET REAL. None of you give a f*ck about each other. What a joke hahahahaaa.

The reunion was just another excuse for the girls to make something else all about me, and for that, I thank them.

People will never understand what it's like to be on BGC because they only see such a small portion of our experience. They don't see half the sh*t that goes on that makes people act the way they do.

When people accused me of talking sh*t about Falen, I really just had to laugh at what a ridiculous accusation that is. Falen was only person in that house that I never had a disagreement with. I had a lot of respect for her.

I was quiet at the reunion because I had no issues to address. I pretty much pulled one over on everybody, but no one pulled anything over on me. Who did I have to be upset with? No one.

The best part of being on BGC was leaving my job for a few months and staying drunk on a beach. Other than that, there's nothing to miss really.

What’s next for me? Let's just say you haven't seen the last of me :)

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