Julie on BGC 902: I definitely think I held my own.

To be honest, Christina didn't do anything at the club to start our fight. BUT, she had already tried to start a fight with me in public TWICE, knowing I wouldn't fight back. Whenever we were in the house she wouldn't get in my face or do anything, so at this point I was just being an instigating b*tch to see if she would do anything back at the house.

I was surprised when I saw Mehgan & Rima fight because everything that happened between them seemed to have blown over at that point. I was like, “Where is this coming from?”

Christina obviously confronted me after Mehgan and Rima's fight because I was talking sh*t. I wanted her to fight me because it annoyed the sh*t out of me that she would only pop off in public. People may view me not liking Christina as unfair, but sometimes I just get bad vibes from people upon meeting them, and unfortunately that was the case with her. She set off little red flags for me.

When Christina lit my weave on fire my reaction was, “Man, I should have put my hair up if I was gonna start a fight... FAIL.” Hahaha, oh well, I was wasted and it is what it is.

In my opinion, the fight was a tie. There's no denying that Christina can fight, but I definitely think I held my own... especially considering that I left my hair down & she was holding on to that sh*t for dear life.

I was pretty appalled when the other Bad Girls tried to vote Mehgan out of the house. I felt like everyone ganged up on her, when the only person she really had a problem with was Rima. It was complete bullsh*t and put a really bad taste in my mouth regarding the other girls. At that point I felt like the house was definitely divided.

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