Julie on BGC 908: She would just leave swinging.

We knew there was a new girl coming, but we didn’t know what to expect until we saw her picture. The pictures give the worst first impressions ever. We all look way better in person. I thought Zuly looked like a hot a** mess. But I really actually liked Zuly when I met her! She seemed really laid back and fun. We were going to haze her but we decided not to because it's played out. It's been done before, and it never ends well. I wanted to give her a chance. I was also super excited to have a lesbian in the house because we needed to switch up the energy a little bit.

Zuly definitely switched it up. We all just wanted to have fun and it was fun making out with the girls in the jacuzzi! We were all drunk and just having a good time. Ashley was the best kisser...just the right amount of aggressive and sweet. Rowr. I know I made out with Zuly, but I don't even remember that happening...I was literally black out drunk. HAHAHA.

The sh*t hit the fan when Mehgan made plans without us, and didn’t tell us about the meeting at Pink Kitty. That pretty much put the nail in the coffin for a friendship that was already ending. It just showed how truly rude and inconsiderate she really is. To be honest, I didn't really give a f*ck about not hanging out with her, but for her to not tell us about a work meeting was totally uncalled for. I ignored Mehgan instead of confronting her because that is what I do when I'm completely infuriated. When I'm ignoring you is when you should be most concerned because it means you're on another level of being disliked by me. It also means I'm plotting my next move of how to f*ck you over.

After Mehgan attacked Falen and Rima, I was LIVID that the fight broke out when I wasn't there, but I was obviously happy that she left. A) because I was so upset that she attacked Falen, and B) because I had so much pent up aggression towards her that I wanted to slap the sh*t out of her. I think what made me so angry with Mehgan was that up until this point, we were really close. I really cared for her as a friend and had her back, and she just turned out to be such a joke. The whole reason Mehgan always talked about "when I'm ready to leave" is because she knew she couldn't last in that house. She told me that if it ever got to a point where the whole house turned against her, she would just leave swinging because she wouldn't be able to handle it. That's exactly what happened here, and it proves that although Mehgan may be physically strong, she's a WEAK A** B*TCH at the end of the day.

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