Julie Vs. Andrea (BGC, Ep. 9)

Andrea is really just all talk.

I really liked Zuly pretty much from the beginning. I thought she was really laid back. Her and Rima's relationship was interesting. I think Rima reciprocated Zuly's flirting for fun, but it definitely wasn't serious. Andrea flirting with Ricky J was utterly pathetic. She kept talking about how Rima had a man at home, but at the time, Andrea did too! She had no right and she was just trying to stir up unnecessary drama. I wasn't interested in Ricky J's friend Brian until he threw limes at Andrea. I liked him after that because it was the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Andrea fighting with me over the check caused me to feel second hand embarrassment for her...I didn't understand how someone could take themselves seriously while talking about leaving a TERRIBLE tip. She was DEFINITELY creating the drama because I literally asked her to drop it 10 times...and we all know I NEVER want to drop it. I genuinely didn't want drama with her but she pushed me. When Rima stepped up to Andrea, I started to feel a stronger connection with both her and Ashley. The original 4 had been through a lot together at that point so there was definitely an instinct to protect each other.

I thought Andrea saying she was going to fight us was a complete joke. Andrea is really just all talk. After Andrea called Ashley fat after knowing she had an eating disorder she moved from the middle of the trash barrel to the very bottom. She's honestly one of the most vile human beings I've ever come across in my entire life. Any small tiny little shred of respect I had for her was gone at that point. I was really proud of Rima for asking Andrea to apologize to everybody. It showed she was trying to be the bigger person and squash the drama...but I had a feeling it wasn't going to work because Andrea is a stupid b*tch.

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