Julies Journey (BGC, Ep. 913)

If you're wondering if I feel bad for any of the girls I kicked out, the answer is NO.

Things weren't awkward with Falen after we hooked up, because we had both agreed to keep things between us. I knew our relationship wasn't going to progress past friendship because she had told me so, but I was confused because I felt like I was getting mixed signals from her. I decided not to tell the other girls because I just didn't feel like it was something I needed to discuss with them.

Andrea's e-mail really didn't faze me. I'm not afraid of anyone, especially her dumb a*s. She just likes to talk a bunch of sh*t she can't back up.

When Falen talked about how her family would disapprove of her being with a girl, I understood why she and I were doing this whole back and forth. I think she was just confused, but as her friend I got where she was coming from.

It upset me when Rima was talking about relating to Falen only because she brought up my name in the conversation. I DEFINITELY overreacted though. Blame it on the alcohol haha!

When Team Trashbag walked in the backyard I was just annoyed at having to see them again. I knew they were there for revenge and to act all ridiculous, and I just wasn't in the mood.

Doing the photo shoot with the old girls was stupid. I just wanted to get it over with. Plus, Christina was being over the top obnoxious and running around like a rabid dog through the backyard.

When Mehgan accused me of talking behind Falen's back, I initially got pissed because it's obviously a lie. Then I realized that she was trying to get a rise out of me. I honestly wanted to fight Mehgan, but I was not going to do it on her terms. I'm extremely stubborn, and the second I realize you're trying to get me to do something, I will not do it. I wasn't going to let any of them get the best of me or get under my skin.

Watching Mehgan fight Ashley was pretty disgusting. It was for no reason. I think Mehgan just went after Ashley because in her mind she felt like she was the weakest one even though Ashley is far from that.

I didn't want to fight the girls because they were so thirsty to fight for ATTENTION. I'm clearly not afraid to fight, and I clearly don't care about losing a fight. Fear was never a factor. It was because I wasn't going to feed in to their bullsh*t and drag the whole thing out. I wanted them out as fast as possible. As far as the girls saying "No one is gonna jump in," I really didn't care what they said. If a fight got out of hand, I would have stepped in. I got up to help Falen, but then saw that she was handling Christina's a*s just fine so I left it alone. Hahahahaaaaa.

Going out for our last night together was bittersweet. It was crazy being at Cabo Wabo where we went our first night on BGC. It brought back so many memories, good and bad. It was sinking in that this experience was coming to a close, and I made it to the end!

When I was packing up my things to go home, I was REALLY excited to go back to Boston, but really sad to leave the girls. We all got really close throughout this experience, and I was definitely going to miss them.

Obviously I'll miss Falen the most. We had each other's backs the whole time, and we developed such a close bond, but I was sad to leave all the girls. When Falen left I was so sad. When you're so used to being around someone 24/7 it's weird to think of not having them around :(

The most important thing I gained from this experience is that it's ok to open up to people. I had such a wall up when I came in the house. When I let my guard down I was able to build true friendships with some of the girls. If you're wondering if I feel bad for any of the girls I kicked out, the answer is NO. They all got what the deserved.

I'm going to miss having the girls around. We all became like a little family at the end. We were all really comfortable together and would just laugh at stupid things, give each other advice, etc.

I'm not nervous for the reunion, but I'm not excited either. I'm happy I get to see the girls I'm friends with, but I could definitely do without seeing the trash I took out again. I'm sure the reunion will revolve around me though. Because once these DUMB broads see all the sh*t I did to get them kicked out, they're going to be extra thirsty for revenge. Bring it in on b*tches! Xo

You heard Julie’s take on her relationship with Falen, now hear what Falen thinks! Watch her interview here.

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