OG Julie (BGC, Ep. 914)

Coming into the reunion, I was most excited to see Falen, Rima, Ashley, Zuly, and Tasha. We all stayed until the end, and there was definitely a bond between us. I was obviously less than thrilled about seeing the other girls because a. It's no secret that I don't like them and b. I knew that they were going to be super angry at me for making them all look dumb. Hehe.

I didn't exactly lose weight on purpose. I lost 15 pounds during the show and felt really good, so I adopted a healthier lifestyle when I got home. There's really no secret, I just work out and eat healthy.

I really had no issues to address with anyone at the reunion. Whoever I disliked knew I didn't like them. No one made me look stupid or did anything to get the best of me. I did however know that many of them were going to have issues to address with me.

I wasn't really nervous for the reunion, because I knew going into it that people were going to have it out for me. Was I excited? No. But I was prepared.

Seeing the originals was exciting! I missed them a lot, and it was fun to hang out with them like we did in the house.

I thought for sure that I was going to fight Erica, because she had already “warned” me on Twitter that we were going to fight (yawn). I guessed that others would want to fight me when they saw how I had schemed them right out of the house.

Telling Rima and Ashley about my relationship with Falen was weird. I think they were definitely SHOCKED because we had been so secretive about it.

I'm glad that Rima and I were able to address any issues that we had, because Rima and I did develop a bond at the end of our time in Cabo.

Seeing Andrea again really had no effect on me. She clearly hasn't changed, as exemplified by her wearing a bra and a fake designer belt to the reunion. I was just surprised that she said her biggest issue was with Mehgan, but only because Mehgan wasn't on stage yet. ZzZzZzZz.

Andrea tying her hair up and saying she wanted to fight Ashley was dumb, and a waste of 30 seconds of everyone's life. She just likes the sound of her voice and the feel of the straw that she calls a weave.

I'm not excited or nervous to see the other girls again. I'm too busy not giving a f*ck, to be honest.

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