The Gospel According to Julie (BGC, Ep. 915)

I told her the TRUTH, and she reacted to what I told her. I would say that Christina is the fakest of the group. She plays the victim expertly, and has a completely warped perception of who she is as a person. She also talked sh*t about every single person in the house, but had issues with anyone who did the same to her. THAT MAKES NO SENSE.

I don't feel bad about anything I did to Andrea. She started sh*t with the entire house and brought everything on herself. I don't give a f*ck about her. She's completely irrelevant. She's pushing 30 and has the maturity level I did at age 12.

Seeing Mehgan again, my first thought was "Wow, her hair looks terrible." My second thought was that she was trying way too hard to put on a show for the reunion. I felt like I was in the middle of an SNL sketch that wasn't funny. She's a complete joke in my opinion.
My friendship with Mehgan changed because she's a miserable b*tch. It's draining to be around someone like that all the time.

When Mehgan hit Falen, I thought she looked pathetic. I find it funny that all these girls who can fight feel the need to only go after girls who can't fight. Mehgan did NOT like Erika OR Christina when we were in the house, but she of course kissed their a*ses since she knows they can fight and didn't want to get in an altercation with them. It's comical how pathetic these people are.

My reaction to seeing Christina again was that her hair looked like something I would have worn to my 8th grade dance, if I attended middle school in a trash pit. I then started asking myself why everyone's hair looked so bad... then I think I looked down and noticed how nice my nails looked. I don't have any feelings towards Christina, she is a non-factor in my life. I think she acted predictably at the reunion... loud, obnoxious, classless, and incoherent. Exactly what one would expect from someone who refers to herself as "Jerz."

When I saw Erika again, I felt bad because I realized just how hideous she is compared to all the other girls (sad face.) I think her problem with me is that she has pretty much crawled up Mehgan's a*s since the show stopped filming, and dislikes anyone Mehgan dislikes. Mehgan and I BOTH came up with the plan to end Erika and Rima's friendship, but just because I told her what Rima said, I'm the bad guy. What's funny is that what I said WASN'T EVEN A LIE, but somehow Erika feels that I "manipulated" her. I told her the TRUTH, and she reacted to what I told her. All of these girls are the maddest at me because I refuse to kiss their a*s or back down to their petty bullsh*t.

I instigated the fight between Rima and Erika on purpose, but what I told her was true.
I don't care if people think I instigate or talk sh*t. I had no problem stepping up to people and fighting them, and I had no problem telling people to their face that I did not like them. I don't understand how that constitutes as not backing my sh*t up.

When Erika stood up on the couch to fight me, my only thought was that she didn't powder the pooch that day because she smelled like hot trash. I wasn't nervous because I knew she wanted to fight me. I just wanted to get it over with so she could ugly girl bounce herself away from me.
When Erika started to hit me, I was honestly shocked at how much her punches did not hurt considering she's the size of a water buffalo. I was expecting someone to intervene but hey, I said I didn't come in the house to make friends, and clearly I didn't. Mission accomplished. Stay classy BGC9.

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