Bad Girls Club 904 Recap: Girls Gone Ham

Another day, another fight. Isn’t that the motto in la casa de Bad Girls? Why can’t they just drink some tequila and be happy??? They’re in Mexico! Ay Dios Mio!

We begin this episode with Rima and Erika continuing their fight from last week over something that Rima said when she was drunk. Rima walks away to avoid the dramz. Unfortch for Rima, she only has Ashley on her side. But Erika has Mehgan, Julie, Falen, and Jersey (yup, the PABs have infiltrated the so-called Pretty Girl group). Erika, Mehgan, and Julie plot to send Rima home because . . . because . . . they are immature and mean? Rima hasn’t really done anything to them so that’s all I got.

While a few of the girls go out to eat, Rima calls her son Ishmael. She misses him so much; it makes you wonder why she went to Mexico for a few months to party and dance the night away! When they return, the mean girls continue their mission to destroy Rima because why do anything productive or nice? They pack all her clothes in bags so she’ll be ready to go home. Julie, the self-proclaimed tough girl from Boston (as I’ve said before, she means the SUBURBS of Boston—bish can’t hold a candle to the real city girls like Christina, Erika, or Rima) throws ham on Rima's bed. Poor Ashley is practically having an ulcer watching of all of this—she tries to defend Rima but she fears everyone turning against her. Home girl was in an abusive relationship before, and the drama is bringing back bad memories.

Suburban Julie gets all up in Rima's face, poking and prodding her, and repeating, “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?” Rima again takes deep breaths and keeps her cool, much to my amazement. Julie finally pushes her, they go at it, and the producers intervene. Julie laughs it off and tells us that she’ll continue beating her up because she’s a bully, oops I mean because everyone thinks it’s funny, according to her.

Rima left her email open so the girls write an email from her account to her on/off again boyfriend Anthony. They break out the big guns and say that she slept with two of his friends. He immediately calls the house and Rima explains that she lives with crazies, and thankfully Anthony doesn’t doubt her.

Julie then calls HER friend Alex (a boy) and brags that she’s the Instigator in Chief of the house. Some chicks are proud of getting good grades, some for having a cool job, our Julie is proud of stirring the pot. Her mama must be so proud!

Ashley takes Rima to the beach to relieve some stress. While they’re out, the loco ladies dump Rima's foundation in the sink (oh, you so TOUGH!) and toss her mattress in the pool. Yawn. Been there, done that, Bad Girls. Christina at this point is over it. She doesn’t quite understand why they’re so against Rima.


Meanwhile, one of Rima's friends calls the house. Falen picks up the phone. They ask to speak to the “nappy-headed b*tch from Chicago” (their words, not mine). Ouch. Erika flips out and vows to go buck wild on Rima when she gets home. Now, while I don’t advocate what they said, I don’t advocate for an angry Erika either!

Rima walks in the door with Ashley and immediately Erika is in her face calling her dirty and a few other things I shall not repeat over and over. Rima stays calm. She’s all, if they hate me so much why don’t they just leave me alone? Bishes have no lives! I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s pretty much what she implied. After the storm settles down a bit, Erika, Julie, Mehgan, and Falen go out. Jersey stays home with Rima and Ashley. She apologizes for her behavior and says that she’s over being a bully. I love you again Jersey! Because they are (semi-mature) adults, no one tosses any of the absent girls’ stuff in the pool.

Rima and Ashley sleep on the couches in the living room since Rima's mattress is, you know, in the pool. When Erika, Julie, Mehgan, and Falen come home, they decide to grab some pots and pans and wake Rima up. Erika continues her mission to be terrible. She once was so funny, now she’s just frothing-at-the-mouth crazy. Still, Rima remains calm! Bish has got some special skills.


But then Erika crosses the line. She tells Rima she should hang herself. Ashley is genuinely upset, reminding Erika that that’s a horrible thing to say to someone. Erika responds that she should mind her own business. Uh, you’re MAKING it her business! I am SO over Erika at this point, which is such a disappointment since she introduced the term “powder in the pooch” to my vocabulary.

I don’t know how but everyone ends up going to bed. The next day Ashley arranges for everyone to go to a salsa lesson, hoping that this will force the girls to get along. I appreciate her efforts, but I’m not sure if the timing is right. Surprisingly, Julie, Mehgan, and Falen agree, but not Erika. She refuses to go with a “rat” like Rima. Damn, girl is overreacting just a smidge, don’t you think?

Before you know it, Erika and Rima are at it again. Erika throws some MAJOR shade saying that it would be super easy to be just like Rima, all she’d have to do is get pregnant and have the father abandon her. Woah. Them are fighting words and I feel like I’VE been slapped so I can only imagine how Rima feels. At this point, Rima is DONE. She gets up in Erika's face, which Erika does not like at all. She keeps telling Rima to get out of her face. Funny when they tables are turned, isn’t it Erika?


I’m Team Rima at this point. I’m so disappointed in Erika. Maybe if someone gives her a cranberry shower she will come to her senses?

See you next week!

Liz out Loud

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