BGC 909 Recap: The Tipping Point

Hola mi gente!

We’re nine weeks into this season of the Bad Girls Club and with the recent dramatic exit of perennial lemon sucker Mehgan, we are now three girls down. I wonder if anyone else will be following in the footsteps of the dear departed Erika, Christina, and now Mehg. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

But first, we have to talk about this week’s episode. Listo?

Pink Kitty calls the girls and are all, “why did you miss our meeting yesterday?” And the girls are all, “uh, there was a fight” (for a change.) Luckily Emilio finds it in his heart, and time in his busy calendar, to reschedule their meeting for this afternoon to discuss a second performance. When they arrive, they pledge to do their best and not be hot, drunk messes all over again. Phew!

Meanwhile, token lesbian Zuly is developing a little crush on Rima. At the club that night, she gets all jealous of Ricky J because she wants Rima to herself! So Andrea decides to help her Sapphic sister out and flirts with Ricky J in the DJ booth so that Rima will get jealous. Rima only seems mildly annoyed, which is a relief. Then the bill comes and Andrea nickels and dimes every drink she had, which annoys Julie. Home girl doesn’t like a cheapo, and I’m with her!

The next day, Ricky J and his friends show up for a cookout. They are actually mildly cute and mature, which is not the Bad Girls standard as far as guys go. Tomik, anyone? Anyway, the night goes on and Rima brings up Andrea’s flirting. Ricky J admits that he was totally oblivious as he is too in the zone when he’s in the booth. So it blows over. But now Rima has her eye on Andrea because she’s becoming a LITTLE bit of a sh*t stirrer!

That night all the girls go out again. Zuly hits on every Mexican chica and her mother and now it’s RIMA’S turn to get jealous. Lesbians, they’re just like us! But then they make up so it’s all good.

The bill comes and there’s more drama because Andrea doesn’t leave any tip. Turns out the bottle was comped and she didn’t think she had to leave any dinero since it was free. Julie, again, is annoyed but lets it go. But now the tables have turned and Andrea won’t let it go. Que lastima!

The argument carries back to the house. Everyone is furious at Andrea. Rima steps up to her and throws a drink in her face. Then Ashley explodes and flips a table over ala Teresa Giudice. Whaaaa???? She starts frothing at the mouth and Rima has to hold her back, which is way more impressive than it sounds as she does this all while holding onto her lit ciggie. Andrea looks amused as she continues to bait Ashley. She then goes to call her ex-boyfriend Paul and tells him this is it, she’s going home because she is about to pop off. Ashley overhears and starts jumping in her face, calling her a b*tch over and over again. She finally pushes Andrea, and Andrea responds by calling Ashley a fat slut. A low blow, yes, considering Ashley has admitted to suffering from an eating disorder in the past. But then again everything they say to each other in the heat of the moment is low!

Andrea manages to live another day, so the other girls decide to just ignore her because they do need her for their upcoming dance at Pink Kitty. They go shopping for outfits to wear during their performance, and settle on something only mildly trashy. Later on at Pink Kitty, Rima decides that she’s going to sit the dance out because she got glass in her foot from the melee the night before. She’ll instead be their mascot! The other girls pull off a decent performance, and Emilio is happy.

The next day everyone goes out except for Andrea who they decide to leave behind. Even Zuly, who is the Switzerland of the group and very neutral, joins them. They remove all the toilet paper and phones from the premises while Andrea is asleep. When she wakes up, she writes all over their pictures when she realizes what they’ve done. All I can think is what happens if she uses their clothes to wipe her butt??? That’s what I’d do!

Meanwhile, the other girls go out to a club where Rima realizes she DOES like Ricky J and decides to quit leading Zuly on. How mature and thoughtful of her! Then Andrea shows up at the club solo and calm as a cucumber. Her appearance unnerves them, but they pretend that they don’t care. They go home and Andrea follows them.

Back at the house Rima is waiting for Andrea. But not to jump her! Woohoo! Rather, she wants to move on and put this behind them. She asks Andrea to apologize to Ashley for calling her a fat slut. Andrea agrees.

So what do you think will happen next week? Will Andrea go home?

Only time will tell!

Till then—

Liz Out Loud

And don't forget to check out a sneakpeek for next week's episode here!

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