BGC 911 Recap: Hate-Lanta

Legendary battles: David vs. Goliath; Ali vs. Frazier; and now, Andrea vs. the Bad Girls Club. Yup, home girl is joining the roster of the most famous matchups in history, and honestly, I’m not sure who the winner is. Let’s discuss, shall we?

So last episode we watched as Falen, Ashley, Rima, and Julie pitted against Andrea to send her home. They threw her clothes in the ocean, ripped apart her beloved stuffed monkey Monk Monk, and doused her in hot sauce. Julie barred her from entering the house and attacked when she tried to go inside. Okay, all caught up now!

So then Falen, always such a peacemaker, screams “Get her Julie!” as Julie and Andrea go at it, hair pulling and punching like all classy girls do. The other girls join in and the producers break it up. All along, Zuly just watches. She’s all, “I’m friends with everyone, I’m not getting involved.” WEAK.

The Original Four load up the red Jeep with Andrea’s remaining belongings and throw them out the window on the highway. While they’re gone, Andrea decides to go home with a bang. She takes THEIR stuff and scatters it into the ocean and pours condiments all over their bed sheets. Take that mustard! Peace out!

Meanwhile, the latest new girl arrives. Her name is Natasha and she’s from upstate New York. Oh and she’s a nympho. Woohoo!

The originals finally get back to the house. Falen cannot believe that Andrea had the NERVE to destroy any of their stuff. Well, I say as I scrunch my eyebrows, didn’t you do the same thing to HER stuff?

But it’s time to move on because they have another dance to do at Pink Kitty. And Zuly, spurned by Rima, has set her sights on Julie. Will they end up in the hot tub tonight?

Unfortunately, no, as Julie is a bit flattered but thinks that Zuly is too aggressive. And I actually agree with her for once! No one cares that she likes women, but she’s like a praying mantis! She will attack!

Next morning Emilio from Pink Kitty comes over and tells them they’re going to Atlanta to dance at a friend’s club. You’d think they’d been fighting in Iraq they way they whoop it up! We’re going to America with normal people and food and money! Sheesh.

They arrive in the ATL and head over to a club where they meet up with Erica from last season, who is NOT wearing pink pajamas for once. She invites them to take a shot, but Natasha declines politely because she is drinking Hennessy. Well, this does not go over well with Erica. How DARE she refuse to take a shot. Erica starts bad mouthing Natasha to the other girls.

Back at the hotel, Natasha starts to unravel. Home girl is actually a nice normal girl and not as bad as she claims to be. She expresses her concerns to the girls that she hopes Erica hasn’t poisoned their minds against her, and instead of saying “No sweetie, we’re okay with you,” Julie and Falen scream at her. They’re all, “we’re our own people! No one tells us how to think! And now we’re pissed at you!”

Rima and Ashley pull Natasha aside and she starts to cry. They show flashes of humanity when they tell her to be strong. But methinks Natasha is not long for this world.

The next morning Falen invites everyone to get platinum grills where they meet rap stars the Ying Yang Twins. Then they get their nails done and head to the club Mansion where they will be performing. This is probably the only time they will ever spend in a mansion, hehe. I bet when they play MASH they end up in a shack.

They do their dance well and then they party some more. Zuly continues her mission to bed Julie. Julie likes the attention but at the same time is a bit turned off by Zuly’s aggressiveness.

Now it’s time to return to Cabo! At home Julie bitches about Natasha because Natasha asked how many loads of laundry Julie had left to do. How dare she ask a question. Natasha then calls home and explains to her mom that she’s homesick. Mom tells her not to give up because she’s living her “lifelong dream.” Oh, Sweet Jesus.

Turns out Natasha is right to be paranoid because Falen, Rima, and Julie are plotting against her. What will happen next week to the poor new nympho?

Till then—

Liz Out Loud

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