BGC 912 Recap: Match Made in Mexico

Hola! We only have dos weeks left of the Bad Girls Club Mexico! What kind of crazy and wacky things could possibly happen? Will they all meet nice gentlemen and settle down and make picnic lunches with tasty burritos and mouth-watering margaritas? Eh, probably not, except I’m sure they’ll manage to squeeze in at least a few (dozen) margaritas!

Truth be told, it’s HARD to meet men when you’re living in a mansion with all girls. So hard, in fact, that Falen is starting to turn her lustful eye inward. She’s developing feelings for Julie. Maybe Zuly is not the only lesbian in the house!

And shockingly, this feeling ushers in a wave of good will. Now that they’re back from Atlanta, everyone is—hold your breath—getting along. New nympho roommate Natasha, after getting dissed by former Bad Girl Erica for not taking a shot (the travesty!), wants to make things right. She talks to Julie to bury the hatchet, and for once it is actually buried. Wow, nice to see grown women act like adults!

Meanwhile, Rima’s Cabo boo Ricky J comes over, bringing along his friend Durkee who has the hots for Julie. Julie, who is unaware of Falen’s feelings towards her, wants to f*ck his brains out. Since it doesn't look like he has too many, this shouldn't take too long.

They all go out to Pink Kitty, where Falen pines after Julie. They go back to the house, and Julie brings Durkee to her room. Sexy times! Except, we later find out, they just kiss and cuddle. Julie’s all, “I like my men aggressive.” And Durk is SO not that way, so he is dismissed!

While all this is happening, Rima talks to Ashley about her love situation. See, she’s got Ricky J in Cabo, but she’s also got Anthony back home. She admits that she doesn't always make the best decisions for herself.

With the men out of the house, the girls all go to Baja Cantina where they “chill out” on the beach when they’re not horrifying fellow beach-goers by playing Dare or Double Dare and shaking their asses in strangers’ faces. Oh, it’s a very cute sight to behold.

Night falls and it’s time to go out to a club where, surprise surprise, Ricky J and Durkee show up! Durkee approaches Julie to say hi, but she gives him the cold shoulder. Way harsh, Julie. They leave to go to Pink Kitty where Durkee reveals himself AGAIN, and this time he brings another woman with him! He moves on fast! Typical man. He tries talking to Julie again, saying she shouldn't have been so rude, blah blah blah, all while his date is grinding in his crotch. Yeah, it’s weird. Julie acts like she’s totally over him, but we know the truth.

The next morning, the girls go parasailing. I’m surprised they’re not too hungover to do that! Later on in the day, Julie talks to Rima about the Ricky J/Anthony love triangle. Jules thinks she should just cut the cord with Anthony, but Rima is not so sure.

Well, Rima makes her decision later that night when they all go out and she sees Ricky flirting with other girls. He’s an all powerful DJ, sure, but Rima doesn't know if she can handle this lifestyle. The following morning her mind is made up—she’ll break up with Ricky J and stay with Anthony. Phew! I was so concerned for her heartache! Not!

It feels like the Twilight Zone because everyone is getting along. The entire house goes boogie boarding, then to a club, and not a single fist is thrown. WEIRD. At yet another club that night, Julie flirts with a guy named Henry. She’s excited for something to happen, but then he goes to get a drink and never returns! How convenient for Durkee... who shows up, obviously… this times sans grinding girl. He’s drunk and won’t leave her alone. That Durk is a jerk!

Julie is upset in the limo ride back. Luckily, Falen is there to rescue her. They cuddle in bed and Julie reveals that she loves Falen. And then they presumably (read definitely) hook up under the covers.

Only one more week to go! Will Julie and Falen continue their love fest, or will they kill each other in a lovers quarrel? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Till then—

Liz Out Loud

P.S. Next Monday's episode is going to be SO good. Check it out here!

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