BGC 915 Recap: Reunion Part 2

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Hola amigos! As we speak/write, we are weathering a very diabolical storm in New York City. The subways and buses are shut down, there’s no bread left in the grocery stores, and people are holed up in their apartments praying that the power won’t go out because what a perfect day to get caught up on their shows!

Meanwhile in Hollywood, another kind of storm is brewing at the Bad Girls Club reunion. Andrea is fighting with Ashley. Then she turns her attention to Rima. They have words over the whole Ricky J incident (when Andrea flirted with him to appease Zuly’s lesbian jealousy.) Then Tanisha asks Zuly what she thought of the girls when they threw all of Andrea’s stuff into the ocean. She’s all, “they were being immature.” Yeah, well so is just watching when four people jump one little tiny one! But whatevs. At least Zuly is not screaming like a banshee.

The dust settles and now it’s time for another departed Bad Girl to have her last word, so Tanisha brings Mehgan to the stage. Our girl prances out with a basket for the “Falen Fund” to collect donations for Falen’s “broke a*s.” I guess this her attempt to be nice? Ha! Not. She’s wearing sneakers and is ready to fight. Such class!

Tanisha talks about how the girls dubbed Mehgan “Miserella,” and she agrees with them. She WAS miserable. She whines that being on Bad Girls Club was hard and no piece of cake, wah wah wah. Bish please. No one made you sign up for it! Going to war is hard. Bad Girls Club is no vacacione!

Next they discuss how Mehgan, Julie, and Falen started out as friends and then quickly became not friends. We also find out that Mehgan had a threesome with her sister. Yes, you can stop reading this for a minute so you can pick your jaw up off the floor (or maybe take a shower.) This made me feel dirty tambien.

And what do you know? Another fight breaks out. Mehgan and Falen get in each other’s faces (it’s honestly hard to tell who instigated what), and then Mehgan attacks Falen and they punch, kick, scream, etc., until security pulls them apart.

But why let things remain calm? It’s time for batsh*t crazy Christina to come out! Christina is so confident in how beautiful she is that she has to constantly tell everyone how beautiful she is. She even asks the audience who is prettier, her or Falen? Nope, home girl is not insecure AT ALL!

In addition to attacking how the other girls look, Christina also criticizes their behavior in regards to their lady parts. She calls Rima a slut. So says the girl who pole danced for money at the club. Riiiiiight. Rima in turns calls Christina psycho. Heck, I think that applies to all of them at least once this season! Next they review all of Christina’s fights. The audience claps when she burns Julie’s weave. Fun times!

At long last the final lady who left early is brought out to the stage. Yes, I am talking about Erika, who is dressed as if she is going to Woodstock except it’s 2012 and not 1969 so it’s slutty Woodstock and her skirt is about two feet too short. But anyway. They review the Rima/Erika fight, and Erika apologizes to Rima but then confronts Julie. What, are they going to kiss and make up? What, is the Pope Jewish? No and no. Erika starts hitting Julie!

So there you have it! Part 2 of the Bad Girls Club reunion. Can’t wait till next week!

Till then—

Liz Out Loud
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