Mehgan on BGC 906: I knew that something was about to happen.

By Mehgan BGC9

I didn’t like Andrea from the start because she was dirty! I couldn’t believe she moved my stuff off her bed. I just thought, “What is wrong with this b*tch??” Her response to us writing on her picture was childish. Aren’t you going to do anything but talk? I didn’t have any respect for her at that point. She didn’t open up to us, but I don’t blame her. I probably wouldn’t have opened up to us either.

When Christina trashed the phone room, I thought she was crazy as hell. I went along with Julie’s lies about Christina to Rima because it was none of my business. When I saw how angry Rima was getting with Christina, I knew that something was about to happen. When that fight started, I figured it would end with someone going home.

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