Musings By Ashley (BGC, Ep. 913)

By Ashley BGC9

I was excited when I found out about doing the Bad Girls photo shoot. I love photo shoots! I was having so much fun with my girls. We were really bonding and enjoying our final days together.

I was literally speechless when I saw Mehgan, Erika, Christina, and Andrea again. I was kind of mad. I think I had a WTF sign on my forehead! It was uncomfortable doing the photo shoot with the old girls because we obviously thought they were up to something. Why else would they be here? I mean did you see Mehgan’s outfit? That should be a red flag, so my first thought was, “okay someone is going in the pool.”

When Mehgan jumped me, at first I was like, “are you serious?” because I never even spoke like two words to this b*tch. I was confused and it’s not like she even liked Andrea and they weren’t even friends and it wasn’t her business anyways. She wasn’t even there. Basically I was like, “get this b*tch away from me.”

I didn’t want to fight the girls because why should I waste my energy and time? Fighting has never been my thing. If anyone wants to touch me though, you better believe I won’t back down… and I must say I’m a pretty funny fighter hah!

I think Julie was a little jealous of Rima getting close to Falen because friendships in that house don’t usually last. I’m sure that got to Julie and I think she misunderstood what Rima was trying to say.

On our last night together, I was SO PUMPED and SAD at the same time because our journey together was coming to an end, but we all had a blast that night. I was excited to get back home to my friends and family. I really enjoyed my time in Mexico and I actually made some friends through this experience.

I will probably miss Julie and Falen the most because they live so far away from me, it’s not like I can go and see them whenever I want. I would say Rima, but that b*tch lives 30 minutes away from me haha I’ll see her whenever I want.

From this experience, I’ve learned you can’t trust everyone. I was always so trusting of people. I’ve gained some friends and a sister out of this and I couldn’t be more thankful to have Rima in my life. She’s a wonderful person.

I’m definitely going to miss Falen’s cooking and Julie doing weird sh*t with me. We always did some funny as* sh*t, I’m really going to miss them. I’m going to miss all the girl talks in our spot on the couch and getting drunk.

I’m maybe a little nervous about the reunion. You never know what to expect with Bad Girls, but I’m excited to see my girls. I am definitely not excited to see the other girls.

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