Natasha The New Girl (BGC, Ep. 11)

By Natasha BGC9

I’m a Bad Girl because I don’t care what people have to say about me, I’m the life of the party, and I have an I don’t a give a f**k attitude.

I was nervous walking into the house as a new girl because I didn’t know what the girls were like and I didn’t know what to expect. I had my guard up a lot.

My first impression of the girls was that Zuly was cool and down to earth, Rima was a b*tch and prissy, Julie was a b*tch and conceded, Falen was a tag along and did whatever Julie wanted to do, and Ashley was ditsy and a little like how I am back at home.

After getting to know everyone a little, my favorite was Rima. She’s the one who stood out the most, she wasn’t afraid to show any emotion, she didn’t care what anyone thought about her, and she was to me the one who lead the house.

Going to Atlanta, I was mostly looking forward to the guys and the food. My two favorite things in life are men and soul food. I just couldn’t wait to see what types of men were in Atlanta waiting to meet Tasha.

Erica calling me a light weight was stupid. I was drinking Henny (cognac) and she was drinking Ciroc… like come on. She didn’t have sh*t to say about me so she had to find something to say about me. I wasn’t surprised that she was talking behind my back to the rest of the girls. She felt intimidated because everyone else was on her meat but me, and she got mad. That whole thing with Erica made me think like wow all these girls are followers and let some rachet girl come start sh*t when these girls had nothing to be mad nor fight with me about. I don’t do followers, have your own say in what you do.

I wasn’t surprised at all at how Julie reacted when I tried to express my feelings because all the drinking and all the bullsh*t that went on I knew something was gonna happen, but to me it was petty and childish. I got so upset cause I was drunk, emotional, and not used to talking to b*tches. I was trying to change and figured this b*tch would understand, but only caught on to one thing I said and made random sh*t up while I was telling her how I feel. Just let it be known a bottle of Henny + me= emotional and I don’t ever cry- that shocked me.

After that night I wasn’t excited to get grillz. I thought it was stupid but it was cool to meet the Ying Yang Twins, they were cool.

I was a little nervous to perform at the club in Atlanta since I only had one day to learn the dance, but I’m used to it so I knew it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I was also really excited to perform and show a different city what we do and why we all are bad a** b*tches.

I was a little intimidated dancing at Mansion because I didn’t want the rest of them to mess up. I knew I was fine, but the others were really nervous and I knew if we didn’t nail it we would be booed out of Atlanta and I wasn’t down for that.

The hardest part about living in the house with the originals is that they already had cliques, and trying to get them to get to know me was hard. I get along with everyone but it took a little bit for them to think I was cool.

I’m not afraid of what Julie might do, she aint gonna do sh*t. She’s all bark and no bite. As of now, we are cool but she never stepped to me and never will.

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