Rima on BGC 902: Im a mother, but Im a person as well.

By Rima BGC9

I decided to leave my son to go on Bad Girls Club because I’m a mother, but I’m a person as well. When it’s time to be mommy, I’m mommy, and I’m there for my son. But I’m 22 years old and I’m not going to beat around the bush about things: I still want to have fun! I don’t want to grow up too quickly. I still deserve to have fun! So does it set a good example for my child? I think it does. BE YOURSELF, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, AND NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE JUDGED NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT THINK!

I don’t know why the other girls were giving me the stink eye at the club. I was the one who was having a lot of fun without being too drunk. I had a good time and they were simply jealous. I’m not going to sit on the street and talk sh*t about another girl for fun. THAT’S HATING and I'm not a hater!

I decided that either Mehgan or I had to leave the house because can't stay in one space for too long with someone I dislike. Especially if I can’t drink it away! I graffiti-ed Mehgan's picture to upset her, and I threw the juice on her to upset her even more. When I realized she was throwing my stuff in the pool, I was real calm and relaxed about it. And I don’t regret my actions after that (throwing HER stuff around).

I was a little surprised when Ashley didn’t vote Mehgan out of the house, but I had a feeling she wasn’t going to. We weren’t THAT cool to have THAT trust yet.

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