Rima Reams Andrea (BGC, Ep. 911)

By Rima BGC9

Here is the thing- Andrea didn’t have it as bad as I did. We never bullied her how I got bullied. I was harassed 24/7 for three long days. Nonstop. Andrea had it good so I don’t feel sorry for her. She got to go out whenever she wanted without anyone bugging her, she walked around the house without anyone saying anything to her, and I couldn’t even use the washroom without someone talking crap to me. And none of us low-blowed her the way everyone low-blowed me. People attacked me for a lie that Julie created. Andrea had it coming to her, she asked for the drama. She started with the Ricky J thing and then with the not paying for the bottle thing and then kept going on and on. I told her to apologize to help her and she didn’t even do that right.

I was both surprised and not surprised that Andrea was out of the house before we got back that day. If you’re going to destroy people’s stuff, do it in front of them. I didn’t care for Natasha when she came to the house. At that point I was over it.

I felt bad for Natasha when she started crying. I was getting tired of it being all against one. It’s all fun and games for a little while and then it’s annoying. Everyone should get treated with respect. I that point I had learned so much and had changed so much, that my mind set wasn’t the same as it was from the start.

I wasn’t intimidated to perform at the club in Atlanta. I just wanted to go home at that point. I was over my experience with the Bad Girls Club and really felt annoyed that whole day. I was tired of drama and having to watch my back all the time. I thought Atlanta was supposed to be a vacation but it wasn’t, it was hell just like Cabo... sometimes I get overwhelmed and I just wanted to be left alone.

When I saw Zuly flirting with Julie I was like, “Thank God!” I had too much on my plate at that point, I wasn’t jealous.

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