Alexis on Best Ink 102: I felt honored to be the runner up to him.

Hannah Aitchison

I was shocked that the judges liked my tattoo so much.

I was a little shocked when they told us we had to paint bodies for the Flash Challenge. I understood that we were doing it to show that we are all God-given artists but each one of us were unfamiliar with the medium so it was a little unsettling. The girls (myself included) were more excited than the boys because I feel we as women are more used to using makeup products.

My artistic thought process during the Flash Challenge was to really look at every aspect of the car and to use as many characteristic elements of it in the painting. I loved the head and tail lights so I used those shapes and I also paid attention to the interior of the car because I noticed some cool shapes in there as well. I realized no one else was using any interior design features of the car, so I figured doing something different would help me stand out. Doing an abstract painting seemed the best way to go. It was just not as easy to use the medium as I had thought so I really didn’t have much else of a choice.

The most difficult part of painting on a body was that we only had an hour and a half, and we were expected to cover an entire torso front to back, arms included. It didn’t give us time to really make anything look as good as we would have liked. Also, being unfamiliar with the medium and the fact that the models were all freezing and shaking made it a very difficult task.

The Ink Challenge seemed better than the Flash Challenge at first. I love tattooing pin-up girls, so I was looking forward to it. It’s one of my favorite things to tattoo. Realistic or stylized, they are just fun. But then they told us to switch skins and I wanted to sh*t my pants! It sucked because I was really into my design and came up with a pretty sick drawing. I was mad that I had to give the drawing away and I was geeking out because I really don’t do traditional tattooing very much! Jess gave me almost nothing to work with either. Her artwork was terrible and I couldn’t use any of it. The only thing I could use as a reference was the photo she had taken and the idea that the customer had come up with.

I thought it was absolutely fair that Roman was given a new skin. It wasn’t his fault that the chick was unhappy. She signed up for this. If she was not up for it, she shouldn’t have volunteered to be a skin.

I was shocked that the judges liked my tattoo so much! I really concentrated on the line work to make it clean and that paid off because Joe loved it! Even all my fellow artists loved it. They were all super supportive. When it came time to vote I, honest to God, only voted for people who I thought did not do that well in the challenges. Roman deserved to win because his tattoo was sick and he banged it out so fast. I felt honored to be the runner up to him. It would have been cool to win but his tattoo was sick.

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