Alexis on Best Ink 104: As tattoo artists, we are always helping each other.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

When we found out we had to tattoo two skins, I wanted to die.

When Dean McDermott mentioned that he wanted something for the Flash Challenge that symbolized the love between him and his wife, I immediately thought of the image of a lock and key. I’ve used similar imagery before for similar types of tattoos that I’ve done in the past. I was really stoked to win a challenge for once! It was a long time in the making. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to receive an extra hour for the Ink Challenge. For all of the Flash Challenges I think that was by far the best reward to be given. I had been struggling with time in previous challenges so I figured I would definitely use the advantage to the fullest.

I didn’t mind helping Nicky to come up with an idea for the Flash Challenge. Nicky had helped me out in a previous challenge too. As tattoo artists, we are always helping each other out and giving ideas and opinions. I remember he was struggling and I’m glad I could be there for him when he needed me.

I’m used to tattooing first timers, so the concept of the Ink Challenge was not a big deal to me. Sometimes they can actually sit pretty well. But it can be challenging if they psyche themselves out because they don’t know what it will feel like. They assume they won’t be able to handle it. You have to go over all the basic rules of tattooing: hold still, don’t move, and don’t touch anything. I have done many first timers, and it’s always funny when big tough dudes hit the floor getting little kanjis on their backs. I had the pleasure of tattooing my mother and stepdad for their first tattoos. They both did really well and hopefully in the near future I will be able to give my father his first tattoo!

When we found out we had to tattoo two skins, I wanted to die. We were so tired and it was already really late when we met the first skin. I couldn’t even wrap my head around doing two tattoos that night. I had an extra hour so I made sure that I gave myself 2.5 hours for each tattoo. I had to do two very small tattoos because it’s all I had time for.

When Joey made the mention of the biker tattoo, I just wasn’t thinking of that. The actual gang tattoo, in my opinion, looks a lot different than what I was drawing. I didn’t want in any for this tattoo to be misconstrued as having the wrong meaning.

When they told me I was the winner, I was so happy. It was great to win both challenges, I feel like I deserved it! I’m glad Jessica went home. By that point I was so sick of her and the drama.

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