Alexis on Best Ink 106: He was what kept me sane throughout all of this.

I truly was upset Nicky left.

I was pretty excited to walk into a fashion studio for the Flash Challenge, but also a little anxious about what we were going to have to do. I don’t really have any experience in fashion design. I like to cut and sew some of my own clothing but I have no formal training. My inspiration and concept for the challenge was to imitate the pattern of the snake. But it was hard to create a snake print on the boot and have it look good in the allotted amount of time.

When our Skins came in with their pets, I was pretty excited. I love animals and am extremely comfortable tattooing portraits of them. I was just hoping for the cat or one of the dogs. I was hoping not to get the turtle or the snake. Reptiles do not show much emotion and are hard create personalities for. I really wanted the cat or one of the dogs, both animals have more expression and you can create a personality easier. Generally, I really don’t find it very intimidating doing animal portraits. It’s actually a little easier than human portraits because they are more forgiving. You just need to concentrate on replicating the markings of the animal. You can get very creative with animals to give them more personality.

I thought Charlie’s tattoo design was well drawn but she had a lot going on with it. It looked like she may have gone a tad overboard. Everyone actually had pretty good designs. I liked Jon’s design a lot. The frame looked cool and it was laid out well. I was very happy with my own as well. I was very confident with my tattoo design but I was aggravated when Joe told me I had to make the art look like it was connected to the cat. I second guessed my design and ended up attaching the arm to the cat. Originally the arm was separated by some negative space. Besides that I was very happy with my design when the time ran out.

So needless to say, I was a little pissed that they said the arm of the cat looked weird because I would not have made the tattoo that way if I hadn’t second guessed myself after speaking with Joe. When I found out I was in the top two I was very happy because I deserved it.

I truly was upset Nicky left. I know it was his time and I did feel like his tattoo lacked but he was my stability. He was what kept me sane throughout all of this. Nicky is a very "real" person and is a great and supportive friend.


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