Charlie on Best Ink 103: I missed my husband so much.

When you’re asked to do something, you do it.

During the Flash Challenge, I missed my wonderful husband Justin so much. He was a big inspiration for me. He’s such a stronghold in life’s storms and I was just thinking about him and our wedding. But the challenge was frustrating; the petals kept sticking to my fingers and not the paper! I understood that the boys weren’t as into the challenge but it’s still a competition. When you’re asked to do something, you do it.

I work next to a military installation so a majority of the pieces I do back home are a symbol of brotherhood or a memorial to a fallen service person. One time an elderly gentleman (70+) had 'USMC' on his upper arm and asked if I could touch it up. After I was finished, he stood in the mirror a little taller and the twinkle in his eye made me very proud. I asked the story of how he got it and at what tattoo shop. He replied, “Tattoo shop? I did this with a sharpened bayonet blade on a ship to Korea.” Awesome.

Joe is a force to be reckoned with. Even if he gives positive feedback it feels like he's yelling at you! If I had had more time with the Ink Challenge I probably would have increased the shadows a bit more. But I never know what to think about criticism. A happy customer is a happy Charlie!

It didn't surprise me when Roman wanted to go home. He's been so independent that the conformity and structure within the competition was I’m sure very frustrating for him. Going forward London is one to look out for. He’s the biggest competition.

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