Charlie on Best Ink 106: It felt good to win the Flash Challenge.

I'm never surprised with negative feedback for the Ink Challenges.

It was cool walking in to the fashion studio for the Flash Challenge. I have sewn and created clothes in the past so I thought maybe we were branching into textiles. I started sewing when I was 9 or 10 and still love to dabble in it. But I thought boys wouldn’t be so happy with this challenge!

The animal print I chose was great inspiration. Animal print and clothing seem to go hand in hand. Leopard print boots are sexy. I put a little twist in the leopard print by adding kiss prints as part of the design. The bright white of the boot was obnoxious so the first thing I did was paint the boot a nude/light brown color. It felt good to win the Flash Challenge but I didn’t gain any advantage for the Ink Challenge like most of the past winners.

I grew up on a farm and as a result I never really had a connection with an animal as a child. A few months ago I got a puppy and now I know what all the fuss is about. Not sure if I'm ready to get my dog tattooed on me but maybe someday.

When the skins came in with their pets, I knew I didn’t want the snake. The tones were so neutral and monochromatic that it would be hard to pull any detail. Also, fur patterns and eye detail can be challenging but all in all they are way better than portraits of people! In the past I’ve tattooed the turtles from Finding Nemo and now that I live in North Carolina I tattoo a sea turtle fairly often because there is a sanctuary three miles down the road.

I wished I could have done more with the background of my tattoo but it is ok because the smoke lines I did will be gone as soon as the tattoo is healed. I'm never surprised with negative feedback for the Ink Challenges. I really haven't gotten any positive feedback since week three. But I think the judge’s decision to send Nicky home was fair. I didn’t think I would go home. I thought I would make it through this week.

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