Jon on Best Ink 104: We all wanted Jessica gone.

At this point I knew certain people were voting for me because they wanted to take out the stronger artists.

The Flash Challenge for Dean McDermott was cool. My only gripe with it was that it's not easy to get a drawing like that tattooed on a wedding ring finger. It was a fun challenge though. It was a beautiful day and it was rad to finally be able to sit down and draw out of the sun.

Jessica's drawing was super bright. It looked dated and tacky. It reminded me of the tribal tattoos that people either laser off or cover up nowadays. By that point I couldn't stand her. She's a loud and dramatic chick and we had already gotten into a couple of arguments. Her tattoos were so weak that every challenge I was surprised she made it that far. I honestly couldn't believe that she was runner up in the last tattoo challenge. But Aaron Carter, the guest judge, loved her tattoo.

Tattooing a first timer is fun. You have to guide them through the process and make them feel comfortable. You have to have patience because they’re going to have lots of questions that you have already answered a million times before. It can be challenging because you have no idea how they're going to react to the feeling of being tattooed. It’s a painful process and you have to be able to deal with it and remain still. At the end of the day, after the tattoo is done, it is very fulfilling to give someone their first tattoo. If you give them a great tattoo and a cool experience they will definitely get tattooed again in the future.

When we were told we were doing two tattoos for the Ink Challenge I knew it was going to be a long day. Being at the bottom the week before really shook me up and I knew I had to step it up from that point on. I think where I had gone wrong in the last two challenges was that I went too big with my designs. I had to work at a faster pace than I wanted to. So for this challenge, I went in knowing I definitely needed to go smaller.

My skins wanted matching tattoos but with their own twist. Since I was tattooing a father and his daughter, I tried to make his a bit more masculine and hers more feminine while still keeping the main concept of the design.

It was great to be recognized as one of the top two artists again, but it sucked not winning the challenge to receive immunity. Being placed in the bottom three didn't surprise me. At this point I knew certain people were voting for me because they wanted to take out the stronger artists. They weren’t voting anymore based on the quality of the work. I can understand that strategy because if they didn't vote for me they would have had to vote for themselves and that wasn't going to happen.

When I was in the bottom four, it was nerve wracking. We all wanted Jessica gone. We honestly couldn't deal with her anymore. We wanted her gone so that we could all get back to focusing on the competition and not have to deal with her drama anymore. Since I was runner-up I knew I wouldn't be voted off. Jessica had been on the bottom of almost every challenge so far so I thought she would get sent home.

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