London on Best Ink 102: I wanted to leave at that point.

Hannah Aitchison

I was very surprised by the critique I received.

Coming in to the Flash Challenge, I did not like the idea of painting on bodies. I had never used makeup before so it was hard to create the effect I wanted. It was a difficult challenge because your canvas is standing and breathing. I prefer flat canvas on a sturdy easel. Honestly, I wanted to leave at that point.

I felt better going into the Ink Challenge. I love tattooing all sorts of pin ups in varying styles. I had a really great idea for my first skin so when they changed our skins at the last minute, I was bummed. But I felt really good about my pin up tattoo so I was taken aback by the judge’s feedback. My client asked for a curvy, cartoon-style girl and I did just that. Hannah was quick to point out anatomy flaws, but my intent was to create a dynamic cartoon girl with a quirky spirit. I gave her an enlarged face and curvy hips to accentuate my client's wishes.

I think the judges and Hannah's critique was based on personal aesthetic taste rather than looking at it as a well-drawn and well executed tattoo. Joe Capobianco is known for tweaking the anatomy of all his girls to make them dynamic and fun. So needless to say, I was very surprised by the critique I received. I wasn’t expecting that response.

When Kyle called me fake before we voted, I thought he was joking at first. When I realized he was not joking, I knew he was tripping from the pressures of the competition like the rest of us. I think he just snapped and I was the guy he saw first.

Personally, I voted for the tattoos that were overall the weakest. In the end, Roman deserved to win because he did a great tattoo, period. It was fair that he received a new skin. His skin bailed and that’s not his fault. It was her loss. He did a great job.

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