London on Best Ink 106: My least favorite design was my own.

I typically pride myself on making quality art and this challenge was a disaster from the beginning.

The first thing I thought when I walked into the fashion studio was, “Uh oh.” I do not have any experience with fashion design. In the past, I have designed graphics for t-shirts, but that is it.

I chose the tiger for the Flash Challenge. The biggest challenge of creating artwork on the leather boot was that the materials were really cheap and not easy to work with together. My least favorite boot design was my own because I typically pride myself on making quality art and this challenge was a disaster from the beginning. I like showcasing my best work and this clearly wasn’t my best. We all did the best we could. Art is subjective.

I was pretty stoked when the skins came in with their pets because I knew we would be tattooing images of animals for the next challenge. I didn't really want to get the client who brought his pet snake. Aesthetically, it isn't quite as dynamic for me to make a cool tattoo out of. The most difficult part about tattooing animal imagery is capturing their skin or fur. It is an effect that can easily be done wrong.

I was a bit surprised when I met Kitty. I didn't know if she was legit or not. I was bummed when she told me she only wanted pink in the tattoo. I kept getting stuck with clients who had all these gnarly stipulations for their tattoos and I felt I was not being given the chance to showcase my true ability. This was just another case of a client who wouldn't take the advice of the professional. Normally, I would have said no to a request like this, but I figured I was too far along in the competition so I just decided to apply more black ink to pump up the contrast. I don't think it was fair to me that my client was the only one with such a drastic stipulation. Trust the professionals.

I think Charlie's work and design was the poorest of the bunch. Her ideas were cool but they were excessive and she fell short in the execution. Jon and Alexis both nailed it this time! I knew one of them would win. I thought Alexis's piece was the most creative but Jon's was just a bit more solid. I was stoked for both of them for doing such a fantastic job.

Being in the bottom 3 this week, I was confident that my tattoo was clean and solid, but I wasn't too sure how the judges would break it down. It was, after all, completely pink and I did not know if they would hold that against me.

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