10 Cool Pics Of Best Ink 2 Contestants' Tats

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

The contestants on "Best Ink 2" are seriously committed to their craft. How committed, you ask? Well, these 10 close-ups of their own inspired tattoos (and interesting body locales) pretty much demonstrate just how dedicated they are. Let's take a look!

DJ Tambe: The Neck Tattoo

I'm assuming that you need to stay completely silent and still for the completion of this complicated piece of art. Do you think that armored beetle monster bobs his head everytime Tambe's adam's apple moves?

Brittany Elliott: The Armpit Tattoo

Speaking of sensitive areas, this fashion designer/tattoo artist shows off her armpit tat. I gotta be honest, this one really had to have hurt. And I'm assuming that this art was preceded with a laser hair removal treatment? (Did I just go too far?)

Brittany: The Full Chest Tat

Brit shows us her ferocious side. Rawr.

Jerod Ray: Palms of Hands Tattoos

Ooh, it's like a puzzle! Kinda cool. Question, though. Does the tattoo process on the palms of hands tickle or hurt more?

Tylor Schwartz: The Glamour Shot Tattoo Pose

This former Abercrombie & Fitch model's sleeves and hand tats are perfect for this signature glamour shot post. Smile!

Carolyn Cadaver: The Side of Hands Tattoos

 "Ars longa, vita brevis" is the Latin translation of the Greek phrase "Art is Long, Life is Short." Hence, get as many tattoos as you possibly can.

Carolyn: Halloween-Themed Tummy Tats

Okay, I just think this is really cute. Who doesn't love menacing-looking jack-o-lanterns? 

Ralph Giordano: Eye See You

Is this like "eyes on the back side of your head" type thing?

Jordan "Dollarz" Ginsberg: Feeling the Music Tats

Rapper/songwriter/tattoo artist Jordan inked his forearm with his passion for music. I just think that vintage mic art is kind of cool.

Ralph Giordano, Alli Baker and Derek Rubright: Just Sleeve!

Okay, this was just an excuse to post this really cute "Best Ink" bonding pic. But they all managed to get their sleeves into the pic!

[Photo Credit: Oxygen Media]

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