10 Nerdiest Tats in the Universe

By Oxygen

The nerds rule the world in this week's edition of Best Ink Spotting, in which we celebrate the joys of geek culture permanently inked onto one's skin. As for next week, proud moms and dads, start sending in your Baby Portrait Tattoos. In the meantime, get those Vulcan hand salutes ready for the 10 nerdiest tattoos in the universe.

Images were sent in via Tumblr members identified by their handles below.

10. Beam Me Up

The full-on committed way to wearing the Starship Enterprise uniform every.day. (Via FY Star Trek.)

9. The Numbers

This way she won't forget what numbers to enter every 108 minutes. "My Lost tattoo. Done today!!" says Obsessive Fan Girl.

8. Potterhead

The gateway Harry Potter tattoo. "This may have happened tonight …" says Theresa the Lark.

7. My Spider-Sense is Tingling.

"My Spider-Man, super nerd tattoo. Done by Dean Brink of Dermal Grafix in Escondido, California," writes Halloween Town Hooligan. "I havebeen a Spider-Man fan since I was six years old. His dedication to those he loves is only equal to his drive to do the right thing and it’s those two things that cause the greatest struggle for him. Such a tragic hero, deathly afraid of failure. This is what I've identified with the most."

6. Mauled

Kinda terrifying, but nice use of color. (Darth Maul via Yellow Dog Tattoo Art.)

5. X Marks the Spot

Impressive. (Via Musings of a Maniac.)

4. Right Back 'Atcha

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Er, hand-signed it? (Via Andy Sable)

3. You All, Everybody

We spot Hurley, John Locke. ... is there a smoke monster in there, too? "Images of my Lost tattoo.  These were done between seasons three and tive at Baker St. Tattoo in Media, Pennsylvania by Jason Goldberg," says Phonehands.

2. Hogwarts Happy

Former graduate? (Via Intentando Entender.)

1. May the Force Be With You

The only thing to make this more geektastically awesome is if Princess Leia was in that Jabba the Hut captive bikini outfit. (Via 2012 Tattoo.)

Send your baby portrait tats in to our tumblr for the week of April 22 and do not miss the next episode of 'Best Ink 2' on Wednesday, Apr. 15 at 10/9c!


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