15 Awesome Behind-The-Scenes Pics From The 'Best Ink 2' Photo Shoot

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

How much do we love this whole throne and graffiti motif from the promo pics from "Best Ink 2"? It's so bad ass and fit for a tatted out rock star, right? Well, the cast and contestants from "Best Ink 2" thought so, too. Check out these 15 behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot. It's also an excuse to get up close and personal with some major ink.

Smile check on the monitors. Hi, Pete Wentz!


Judges Joe Capobianco, Sabina Kelley and Hannah Aitchison pose with host Pete for the photos. 

So this is how Sabina gets her pin-up girl hair and makeup. It takes two stylists!

Watch the throne! (Okay, you knew that was coming at some point.)

Joe seems to like the view from where he's standing.

We really need to know the story behind that art.

Contestant Tylor Schwarz poses for the photos, presumably showing off some knuckle tats.

Brittany Elliott has a laugh in between takes.


Contestants take to comparing hand tattoos.


Ali Baker, we see you!


A closer look at Tylor's sleeve and chest art. Working Class Hero? We think that's what it reads.


Jordan "Dollarz" Ginsberg wins for best fashion sense. Or nickname.

The swoop in Teresa Sharpe's kind of mimic her chest tat, right?

Mary Cadaver (are those cats on her legs?) and DJ Tambe offer up another set up cool monikers.

Some contestant camaradarie on set. Teresa joins Ralph Giordano and Derek Rubright in the chest tattoo club.

[Photo Credit: Oxygen Media]

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