Best Ink Snapshots: 6 Pics That Prove Tylor Has a Crush on Brittany, Or Vice Versa

It's pretty obvious at this point that young tattooed Tylor and Brittany have some major chemistry brewing on Best Ink 2. Well, I totally called it ages ago as I was poring through a bajillion backstage pics and noticed a little something something going on between the two. Now I shall share my research with you: Six pieces of photographic evidence that Tylor is totally crushing on Brittany or the other way around. You decide.

Exhibit 1: Backstage Before the Best Ink 2 Promo Shots are Taken

Oh. ... she's cute, think she'll talk to me? I'm kind of feeling shy.

Exhibit 2: Tylor Prepares to Make His Move


Okay, here goes.

Exhibit 3: The Photo Shoot


Hm. ... that guy who keeps following me around is kinda cute.

Exhibit 4: Tylor Busted Giving Brittany the Side Eye


Okay, I'm really going to talk to her now.

Exhibit 5: Tylor Strategically Stands Near Brittany Whenever He Can


Hey Tylor, it's starting to get stalker-y.

Exhibit 6: And So It Begins


Wouldn't they make pretty babies?

Be sure to tune in Wednesday, Apr. 24 at 10/9c to check out the "sensual tension" between Brittany and Tylor!


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