Best Ink Snapshots: 6 Pics That Prove Tylor Has a Crush on Brittany, Or Vice Versa

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

It's pretty obvious at this point that young tattooed Tylor and Brittany have some major chemistry brewing on Best Ink 2. Well, I totally called it ages ago as I was poring through a bajillion backstage pics and noticed a little something something going on between the two. Now I shall share my research with you: Six pieces of photographic evidence that Tylor is totally crushing on Brittany or the other way around. You decide.

Exhibit 1: Backstage Before the Best Ink 2 Promo Shots are Taken

Oh. ... she's cute, think she'll talk to me? I'm kind of feeling shy.

Exhibit 2: Tylor Prepares to Make His Move


Okay, here goes.

Exhibit 3: The Photo Shoot


Hm. ... that guy who keeps following me around is kinda cute.

Exhibit 4: Tylor Busted Giving Brittany the Side Eye

Okay, I'm really going to talk to her now.

Exhibit 5: Tylor Strategically Stands Near Brittany Whenever He Can


Hey Tylor, it's starting to get stalker-y.

Exhibit 6: And So It Begins


Wouldn't they make pretty babies?

Be sure to tune in Wednesday, Apr. 24 at 10/9c to check out the "sensual tension" between Brittany and Tylor!


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