Chat with Sabina Kelley: She Was Impressed by "How Much Real Drama" Went Down

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Don't be fooled by Sabina Kelley's pin-up model good looks or more nurturing style of judging on Best Ink 2 (seriously, Joe and Hannah), she's not a shrinking violet. Case in point: her bad ass "Haus Wife" tattoo. So we were super excited to have a quick chat with her about this season of Best Ink 2, working with Pete Wentz and what it's like to be a female tattoo artist.

Best Ink 2: What are you most looking forward to seeing in the season premiere?

Sabina Kelley: I am really looking forward to seeing the flash challenges, since I was never there on the days those were filmed.

You’re a returning judge—compared to last season, how does this group of tattoo artist contestants compare?

The group of tattoo artists this season are just as much fun and amazing as the first season's artists. It's cool to learn everyone's personalities, tattoo styles, how talented they are and how competitive they are.

What were you most impressed with seeing this season?

I was the most impressed with how much easier and smooth filming went this season. I was also impressed on how much real drama really happened on the show.

Best Ink 2: What were you least impressed with?

I was the least impressed with not being part of the flash challenges, like season 1.

Best Ink 2: What was it like to work with Pete Wentz as the host?

Working with Pete Wentz was great. He was a lot of fun. At first I was a little scared, because it took him a minute to get comfortable. As soon as he was, he killed it.

It was mentioned in the second episode that it’s hard for female tattoo artists to be taken seriously in the industry. What have your experiences been like?

I don't feel that way one bit. I think if you're an incredible tattoo artist male or female, you will be respected. I know many female tattoo artists who have huge names in the industry and I never see male tattoo artists talking down to them.

In one sentence, give the viewers your best sales pitch as to why they should watch Best Ink 2.

Best Ink 2 is gonna have you so hooked, you're not going be able to wait til the next week to see the next episode!


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