Congratulations Teresa, Your (Crazy?) Fans Love You!

By Oxygen

We've congratulated Teresa up and down for her Best Ink win, but she's also been getting some pretty cray congrats from the masses. Here are our favorite tweets from Teresa's throngs:


@MrahSrmek had a full day being cute/scary leading up to the Best Ink finale last week. Get your squawk on girl! On that note, have your mind BLOWN by this photo of Teresa imitating a chicken. Then maybe go hang out with some people for awhile. 


Did you hear that Teresa? The slut bag contingent didn't have the faith! @libbymattingly keep spreading the gospel. 



Kids these days! Fist pumping with reckless abadon. @DontMindMaya, drink plenty of water and keep your fist elevated or something.



@Kimmehxxx I was with you until the last sharp turn there. Did you drop ecstasy mid-tweet? 


I do wonder about the mental state of Best Ink fans sometimes. That said, Teresa's win is pretty much the only reason to keep going in this life, so yayyyyyy, she won yayyyy no agonizing death yayyy!

Congratulations again Teresa! And have fun with all your new fans (mwahahaha). 

Tune into the 'I'm Having Their Baby' premiere June 12 at 10/9c to find out who wins 'Redemption'!


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