Exit Chat With Dollarz: He May Have Spent His Prize Money on Exotic Dancers

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Well, that was a first. Dollarz pulled out a surprise win during the Flash Challenge—you know, when he initially painted the back of the guitar, not realizing no one would see his artwork. But then ultimately, he ended up in the bottom three, once again, and ultimately got the boot. We'll miss his his ill-timed smoke breaks and funny quips ("sensual tension" is our fave). But before he goes, let's have one final chat:

Best Ink 2: In this episode, first you won the guitar Flash Challenge, but then you lost the tattoo challenge—how do you think that ultimately came about?

Dollarz: Winning the guitar challenge was a good representation of me putting in extra effort to try to and build some confidence. The second I was told the tattoo challenge was abstract, I knew there was a possibility this would be the end. Abstract is a style that I have very little experience in and have even less interest in. With that being said choosing the extra money over time really didn't affect me.

When Pete Wentz pointed out that you painted the back of the guitar first, what were your initial thoughts and how did you pull out the win?

Initially I was concerned. I figured I was going to paint the smoothest surface of the guitar. Honestly I feel the front of the guitar is what won it for me. In this scenario, I think I just worked better under pressure.

How did you spend your prize money?

I reinvested the prize money into my craft buying machines and booths at conventions (and of course a small portion to some exotic dancers). Joking!

You're kind of a newbie, only being in the industry for two years before coming onto the show. How do you think that affected your chances?

Being inexperienced definitely was a huge disadvantage but I do feel it helped me to build character and made me hungry to expand my knowledge of my craft.

Your fellow artists voted you into the bottom three more than once, how did that make you feel?

It was a little discouraging however two out of the three times I deserved to be there. I think strategically it wasn't the best move for many of them, however, I respect the majority of the cast so I took it as them letting me know I need to step up rather than gunning for me to leave.

Looking back, if you could do anything differently (at all), what would it be?

I would have loved to do this show later in my career as even today I am a far better artist than I was on the show in multiple mediums.

Tell us what you're up to now!

Currently, tattoing at Stigma Ink in Tampa, Florida. I am a sponsored artist with Black Eye Natural Aftercare and Tattoo Machines by Tony Urbanek. I am also beginning my tour with fellow cast mate Melvin Todd traveling the country doing guest spots and conventions.

See what else Dollarz has to say about leaving Best Ink 2:

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