Exit Chat with Tylor: "I Was There to Tattoo. Not Paint on Planes."

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We were deeply saddened to lose Tylor to the elimination round last night. He was the clown. The flirt. The heartthrob. But in the end, it was judge Joe Capobianco's "blood puddin" challenge that did him in. His gorgeous mermaid tattoo unfortunately didn't fit the signature dark and sexy "blood puddin'" style, and he was sent home.  Waaa!!!! The good news? He still keeps in touch with a lot of the Best Ink contestants, including Jerod, DJ, his Redemption contender Ralph, and yes...the lovely Brittany. Read the interview below, and scroll down for his exit interview video.

So I have to ask. Do you still keep in touch with Brittany?

I do still talk to Brittany from time to time. She's a rad chick and is making big leaps with her tattooing and clothing making. 

Did you agree with the judges’ decision to keep Derek and Jerod and send you home?

Honestly, the judges are judges... It's not my place to agree or disagree with them. I was just doing my best. 

If you could go back and do the tattoo (below) differently, would you?  

I think the tattoo was fine considering it was my first pin up out of my head with no resources or references. And my client loved it. That's ALL that matters. 

You sort of gave up halfway through the pin up plane flash challenge. Do you regret that?

I honestly didn't take any of the flash challenges seriously. Tattooing is one thing, but everything else is just for money. I was there to tattoo. Not paint on planes and shoes and deal with Ray J's BS. Haha. I think Justin Bua was the only thing good about the flash challenges. 

You were a bit of a heartthrob this season. Did that surprise you?

I still don't see it. Haha

What have you been up to recently? Are you back in Chicago?

I am currently tattooing my ass off. I am booking for October and have a bunch of traveling ahead of me. Jerod has been a staple in my future by pushing me. He seems to have slotted himself as my traveling partner. I have worked conventions with Ralphie boy and have one planned with DJ as well. 

What’s in your tattooing future?

My tattooing future consists of pushing myself to my limits. I plan on creating for as long as I can. Ill stop tattooing when I lose use of my hands, but until then...I will be bustin ass trying to improve. 

What did you take away most from your experiences on Best Ink?

I gained some great relationships that will last a lifetime and learned a lot about myself as a tattooer. It was a great opportunity and I wouldn't change anything for the world.

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