Exit Interview with Jerod: Nice Guys Finish Third, Apparently...

By Lauren Zupkus

The down to earth, self-proclaimed prepster we grew to love on Best Ink 2 totally lived up to his nice guy rep in his exit interview. I mean, who else would say that he actually agreed with the judges to kick him off and keep DJ and Teresa? Not to mention he gives Tylor a huge shout out. Oh Jerod, you kill us with kindness. Scroll to read our chat with Jerod and watch a bonus exit video.

You made it all the way to the Final 3 and had some steep competition. Did you agree with the judges’ decision to keep Teresa and DJ and send you home?  

I definitely agreed with the judges decision to keep DJ and Teresa. Throughout  the entire show, those two were the most consistent, and most at-ease with nearly every obstacle thrown their way.

When it comes down to DJ and Teresa, do you think the judges made the right choice? 

That's a very tough question...one that can be argued both ways. Teresa is the most impressive artist, stylistically, that I've ever worked with...while DJ is without a doubt the most well-rounded. Teresa is hotter though, so my vote is for her, haha!

If you could go back and do your final tattoo differently, would you? If so, what would you do differently? 

If I could re-do my final tattoo, I'd have chosen different placement. With the time-limits and inherent distractions of the working environment, the ribcage is just too time-consuming of an area.

What would you say was your favorite tattoo that you did this season? 

My favorite tattoo was a tie between my blacklight pinup and my bacon-bow, haha. Both pieces were waaay out of my element, and both of my Skins were very cool to work with.

What was the toughest Flash or Ink challenge for you? 

The toughest Flash challenge was without a doubt the first one...having to hang in the air and spraypaint with my left hand was amazingly difficult. The toughest Ink challenge was the abstract challenge...because everyone's definition of "abstract" is different.

If you could get a tattoo from anyone in the cast, who would you hit up? 

I've already had the whole outside of one of my calves tattooed by Tylor...and I'll be getting tattooed by Teresa and DJ very soon!

What have you been up to recently? Are you back in Missouri? 

I've been back in Missouri, and working alot since the show...putting everything I've learned from the whole experience into practice in every piece that I do. 

What’s in your tattooing future? 

The biggest thing on the horizon of my tattooing career is the opening of my family-owned tattoo and arts studio The Majestic Moose. My brothers and I are putting alot of brainpower and sweat into this place, and we'll hopefully be opening the doors in July or August.

What did you take away most from your experiences on Best Ink?

The extreme creative environment of the show really confirmed a few principles I've always tried to bring to any workplace. Encourage the people you work with. Lead every criticism with a compliment. Be confident in your strengths, and hopeful about your weaknesses. And lastly, contact Tylor Schwarz for all of your blacklight/UV tattoo needs! :)

Check out the video below for Jerod's last words on his time on 'Best Ink 2.'

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