Interview With Joe Capobianco: "I Wanna See the Artists Hanging From That Building"

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Oh, Joe Capobianco. The returning Best Ink 2 judge is a giant curmudeonly teddy bear and that's why we love him. So you won't want to miss his unedited thoughts on how the contestants compare to last season and how it was working with Pete Wentz.

Best Ink 2: What are you most looking forward to seeing in the season premiere?

Joe Capobianco: Honestly, I wanna see the artists hanging from that building. I didn't get to personally see any of the Flash Challenges and I'm especially anxious to see that one.

Best Ink 2: You’re a returning judge—compared to last season, how does this group of tattoo artist contestants compare?

Joe: Hard to say. They all range in experience and skills, similar to last season. But I think that perhaps this season's artists maybe have a bit more to tell. I think that the viewer, along with the fellow contestants, may learn a bit more about the artists this time around.

Best Ink 2: What were you most impressed with seeing this season?

Joe: The way the artists went after the challenges. As well as, how they really paid attention to the skins' stories and brought all their ideas to the skins, in such a limited amount time.

Best Ink 2: What were you least impressed with?

Joe: I think that perhaps some of the challenges were not quite as difficult as I would have liked to see. While I do admire the artists for their performances this year. I really would have liked to see them pushed that much further beyond there comfort zone.

Best Ink 2: What was it like to work with Pete Wentz as the host?

Joe: I've been an admirer of some of Pete's music, so it was great to get to know the man. He also added a real nice personal touch when dealing with and speaking to the artists and skins, alike.

Best Ink 2: In one sentence, give the viewers your best sales pitch as to why they should watch Best Ink 2.

Joe: This season of Best Ink has some great artists, interesting challenges, and above all, some great tattoos.

Don't miss the premiere on Wednesday, Apr. 3 at 10/9c!


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