Interview With Tylor: Poorly Done Tattoos are a HUGE Turn-Off

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

So what did you guys think of Episode 2?! The UV tats, Melvin getting the boot and—OMG—do you totally have a crush on Tylor now? How cute was the contestant when he turned beet red TWICE because of his flirty “skin?” And yes, we were impressed by his actual artistic skills, too—as were the judges since he made the final three.

While he may not have won the tattoo challenge and Ray J was the official guest this episode, Tylor was pretty much the de facto star of this show. So we figured we’d corner him for a chat and see if we could make him blush again.

Best Ink 2: Congrats on making the final three! The tattoo you created for Brandy in the second episode incorporated so much symbolism—can you explain your process in relaying her message through your artwork?

Tylor Schwarz: She wanted a tattoo that showed her religious side with a cross. She also explained that she was a night owl (moon child), so I incorporated a moon with some stars and clouds for the background. She wanted something for her kids in her tattoo, so I included their birthstone colors as gems on the cross.

During the episode, you were caught on camera expressing some negative feelings about your fellow contestants (Alli, Derek. … ). What was that all about?

Alli was just annoying asking Joe for help. That would be giving her an unfair advantage and Derek is just a very cocky tattooer. I think being humble is the most important thing in our line of work. It is just a job after all and we are no one special.

Okay, onto the fun questions. So, quite a few ladies in the office are wondering, are you single?

I am currently in a great relationship and plan on being in one for a long time. [Ed note: Sorry, girls!]

Do you like girls with or without tattoos? And why?

I like girls with tattoos AND without tattoos. It's all about confidence. Plus, if a girl has tattoos, but they are poorly done, it’s a huge turn-off. I’d rather have no tattoos on her at all.

What's the sexiest type of tattoo a girl can have? 

The sexiest type of tattoo a girl can have is one that makes her feel the most confident and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is as long as it’s done well.

What, besides attractive "skins" and double entendres make you blush?

I have high blood pressure. I don’t easily embarrass. During filming my blood pressure was off the charts!

Wait, what happens when you get a cute girl client?

I treat them like every other client. I think being flirtation is kind of just how I make my clients comfortable. In the end, I am just looking to give them the best tattoo they can get.

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