Listen to All the Music from 'Best Ink'!

By Maisie Bornstein

We know you've been digging the tunes from this season of Best Ink, so check them out now! Plus other jams we are feeling. Music is Forever.

Episode 1
The Holiday Electric "Damn Shame"
KIDFORCE "I'm Ready"
Life Down Here "Never Tell"
Davis Fetter "Born"
Scott & Brendo "Little Voices"

Episode 2
L2 "Criminal In Bed"
New Beat Fund "Phony Disco"
Scientist "Deep Down"
The Lusitania "Your Existential Hero"
LA Font "Ransom"

Episode 3
KBCK "Brand New" - lyric up
Kayla Stockert & The Como Brothers "Your Love"
Jamestown Story "Gone"
The Outdoors "Drifting" / "Barricades"
California Wives "Light Year"

Episode 4
Midnight Empire "Misery"
Private Parties "Victorious"
The History of Pan!c "Love's Disaster"
Wayland "Welcome To My Head"
Sphynx "Razberry Wine"

Episode 5
Night Verses "I've Lost My Way Back Down"
Suburban Legends "Emergency"
Freedom Fry "Earthquake"
The Royalty "Mr. Hyde" - lyric up
Go Go Saggio "Heart to Heart"

Episode 6
Contrakids "Come Over"
Davis Fetter "Born"
Rhett Israel "Light Show"
Side by Side "Lie To Me"
Sick of Sarah - "Kick Back"

Episode 7
The Gills "Make It Pop"
Travis T Warren "Leave the Light On"
Dave Cook "Edho"
Marco Argiro "Leave It Behind (Brooklynville)"
Goodbye June "Microscope"

Episode 8
Hyro da Hero "Ghetto Ambiance"
National Bird "Physical Fitness"
Jonas Sees In Color "Teeth and Gum"
Another Lost Year "Better Days"
Weaver At the Loom "We're Wild Animals"

Episode 9
Bean "Let's Go" - lyric up
Struan Shields "This Town"
Dovetail "Easier to See"
Jamestown Story "Waking Up"
What's Fair "Moving On"

Episode 10
New Beat Fund "Sicka Takin' The Hard Way"
Runner Runner "Breakout"
Beast Patrol "Disbeliever"
Sonnet "Girls"
Great White Buffalo "Sinking In"

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