Melvin Was Saved From Another Near Death Experience

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

Best Ink 2 artist Melvin Todd is a seriously lucky man. Earlier this month, he and his pregnant girlfriend were on a beach vacation in Panama City, Florida when they were both caught in a powerful rip tide. Thankfully, two brave vacationers jumped into the waves to save Melvin and his girlfriend.

"We were honestly saved by two spring breakers as we were both literally about to be gone," Melvin told us. "I was seconds away from death and was about to give up! They came right before we were going under. I'm just so grateful to be here."

The Best Ink 2 contestant wants to personally thank his rescuers, Dillon Humphries and Tyler Faugen, who selflessly risked their lives to save the couple.

"We just look over and we hear these two people screaming help and we didn't know what to do," Dillon told local NBC WJHJ news. "So, of course, we just swam out there and tried to help them. We noticed that he can't swim and she was pregnant. So I had to carry her back into the sandbar until we could both stand there."

Keep in mind, Melvin also suffered a near miss during the first Flash Challenge when he nearly slipped out of his harness while dangling in the air. We're just glad that he and his girlfriend are safe and sound and we'd like to give our own Best Ink 2 shout out to Dillon and Tyler. Well done, guys.

Via NBC WJHJ news.


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