OMG, The Most Awesome Cat Tats!

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

OMG, CATS! What better way to kick off the first Best Ink Spotting series than with kitties?! We're pretty sure that the nearly all-cat-tatted "Best Ink 2" contestant Carolyn Cadaver can't think of one. To catch everyone up—over on the "Best Ink 2" tumblr, we're calling for fun-themed tattoo submissions each week and we'll publish the best ones over here on the blog. Today, we're looking at the top submitted tats of the feline-variety. Now we're calling for some awesome face tattoos. Aw, yeah. Send 'em in and we'll post the best on Monday, March 25. But for now, break out the warm and fuzzies with the most awesomely cuddly kitty cat ink, after the jump.

Double dose of kitties by Justin Dion, at Anatomy Tattoo in Portland, courtesy of fuckyeahtattoos.


Downton Tabby! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Courtesy of Changing of the Ocean Tides.


"Tattoo of My Cat" by Trevor Jessome of Toronto, Canada. Courtesy of Intoxication Enthusiast.


Double trouble, plus cheetah print, awesome. Courtesy of Ticopolotatuado.

Submit your best face tattoos right over here. We'll publish the best ones on Monday, March 25!

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