Poll Time! Which Celebrity Will Regret His Questionable Tattoo First?

By Fawnia Soo Hoo


Now we all make questionable decisions here and there and so do celebrities. Sometimes these spur of the moment decisions come in the forms of permanent tattoos. Just ask Johnny Depp and his legendary Winona, now Wino, Forever tat and then there's this guy, but anyway. Of course, some people haven't reached that turning point yet, which brings us to today's poll: Which of these fine gentlemen will find himself regretting his ink anyday now? Read on for the exact details and vote in the poll!

Nick Cannon's Ginormous "Mariah" Back Tattoo


I'm all for proclaiming your love and devotion to your loved one, but this ode to Mr. Mariah Carey's wife is MASSIVE. Not that I don't have faith in the Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey union or anything, but this puppy will be a bitch to laser off (or color in) if, you know, anything happens.

Dean McDermott's Tori Spelling Portrait Tat

Kudos to Dean McDermott for going all out with a bicep portrait of wife Tori Spelling during her Donna Martin days, as opposed to just her name spelled out. Of course, if this whole ruckus in the tabloids is to be believed, this whole inking of your loved one might actually be kind of a curse.

Zac Efron's "YOLO" Hand Tattoo


Let's move on from relationship speculation, shall we? Now, a tattoo is understood to be permanent, therefore, logic would compel one to choose a classic, everlasting phrase to forever etch onto a bodily part, right? Nah, Zac Efron decided to carpe diem on the side of his right hand with the overused (and dare I say, annoying) acronym of the moment: "YOLO" (you only live once, for those of you who, uh, don't listen to Drake?). Which will be so five minutes ago like 10 minutes ago.

Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo

Okay, so I might be beating a dead horse with this one. We all know Mike Tyson got a tattoo on his face a decade ago and it's been immortalized in a Hangover movie. But seriously, it's on his face! Maybe his feelings have changed in 10 years?

Nick Lachey's Former "98" Tattoo


The former boy bander pledged his allegience to his group with a sunburst surrounding the number 98. Then, the whole boyband thing imploded and he moved on to a solo career and he covered up his boyband past, or his tattoo, anyway. But lo and behold, 98 Degrees is BACK and, along with NKOTB and Boyz II Men (don't pretend you don't know), on a blockbuster tour billed as "The Package." (Hehe.) Do you think Nick regrets covering up that 98 now?

 Louis Tomlinson of One Direction 

The young lads of British boyband (speaking of) phenoms One Direction have already amassed quite a collection of tats for guys of such tender ages. Most recently, Louis Tomlinson (whom I consider the cutest, if anyone is wondering) added this sort of DIY-ish looking teacup to his collection. Cuz, uh, he's English?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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