The 10 Most Delectable Food Tattoos

In the third edition of Best Ink Spotting, things are getting really enticing because it's all about FOOD this week! #nomnomnom. Btw, who knew tattoo enthusiasts were such fans of sweets and baked goods? While you're assessing your own ink to see if you can submit any Celebrity Tributes for the week of April 8 (we have a really good feeling about this one), let's get to the menu of 10 Most Delectable Food Tattoos.

Images were sent in via Tumblr members identified by their handles below.

10. I Want Candy!

Courtesy of sweets addict Anne Larese, who writes, "This is the start of my candy tattoo that will be swirling all the way up my arm when it is done.  Representing “The Sweet Life” :)."  Created by Jason Jones at Bare Knuckle Tattoo in Charleston, West Virginia.

9. Scary Cupcakes!

Never have these delicious baked treats looked so menacing. Gives a new meaning to red velvet, huh? Marisa Nolan explains, "I wanted to get a tattoo to represent my three sisters and me. Being an artist and baker, I decided four cartoon cupcakes would be the perfect representation of who I am and the connection I have with my sisters. So for my 24th birthday I got them inked on my left leg."

8. Caffeine Please

1337tattoos thinks decaf is for wimps.

7. Soft Serve with Sprinkles

Someone loves their Mr. Softee in a waffle cone. Courtesy of Bill McNulty of Eternal Grafix, NJ.

6. Got Milk?

Mike Hoer writes, "Chocolate milk done by Eric Merrill. I got this done because it actually means alot to me, it’s something me and my grandmother shared when I was a little kid. Plus who doesn’t love chocolate milk." Can't argue with that.

5. Time to Make the Donuts

This makes the list for ultimate commitment to sweet treats. Mikozou writes, "Donuts forever…!!!" Yes, it will certainly be donuts forever for Mikozou.

4. International Cuisine

English translation from French: "That's an egg!" Brent Harrison further clarifies, "Sometimes, un oeuf is un oeuf." Still confused.

3. This Guy Really Really Loves Sandwiches

Okay, this sandwich looks kind of delicious ... various meats, lettuce, tomato, condiments and is that an avocado slice? Anyway, Joseph Beatty is clearly a portable meal connoisseur. He even points out: "It's got a periodic table of condiments!"

2. Your Own Personal Cheesus

Props for humor. It's a “Cheese us crust” by Mike Bush from DaVinci Tattoo and Piercing in Titusville Florida. I love how there really is a cheesy crust in the pizza graphic, too.

1. Cheesy Pin-Up

Pin up girl tattoos are cool and fresh, hot grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious. Put the two together and you get the number one tattoo, courtesy of Dave Danhi. He writes, "The Grilled Cheese Truck Girl comes to life!"

Send your celebrity-inspired tats in to our tumblr for the week of April 8 and do not miss the premiere of 'Best Ink 2' on Wednesday, Apr. 3 at 10/9c!


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