The 12 Best Moments in the Best Ink 2 Premiere

By Fawnia Soo Hoo

It finally happened: the premiere of the much-anticipated, Pete Wentz-hosted and suspense-filled Best Ink 2. And what better way to recap the episode than with pretty pictures? We can’t think of one, so here goes! First, we meet the contestants—inclusive of vampire aesthete Carolyn Cadaver and Jerod, who rushed onto set straight from the accounting firm. (Seriously though, love the guy's preppy style.) Oh, and we have this dude, too:

Oh, hello.

Then new season two host and rock star Pete Wentz enters.

The contestants (who are all apparently MAJOR Fall Out Boy fans) appropriately freak out.

The first challenge is Best Ink 2 meets America’s Next Top Model requiring the artists to precariously dangle in the air while trying to spray paint their graffiti self-portrait on billboard. And then Melvin freakin’ slips out of his seat! The Oxygen lawyers breathe a sigh of relief as the harness saves the contestant and he climbs back onto his seat to complete—and win—the competition.


Now it’s time for the big tattoo challenge. Like when they ink real live people, otherwise known as “skins” (in tat world lingo). Each artist is paired with a “skin” who overcame a major obstacle in their life. The contestant then has to create a tattoo that symbolizes this big step. Now, this can’t bode well for Carolyn’s chances on the show.

Flash challenge winner Melvin’s skin, who requested a full chest tat, definitely overestimated his threshold for pain.

And we all know how things go for Kelly and her skin Kimberly who walks out. With 12 tattoos complete, we’re down to elimination. Time to meet your makers, artists.

Wow, we knew from season one that head judge Joe Capobianco is a tough customer, but damn. Does he have anything good to say? Don’t you know that New York City street signs are green, Ralph? ( To be fair, Ralph does live in Upstate New York.) And the eyes on that skull tat, Tylor. Really.

And Melvin decided to follow a fashion trend and go asymmetrical with his traumatized skin’s chest tattoo. Not a good idea.

Presenting the top three: Teresa, DJ and Derek.

Who in turn get all Lord of the Flies to weed out the bottom three: Kelly, Carolyn and Melvin.

Bottom line: The win goes to DJ Tambe (who gets immunity for the next challenge) and Carolyn Cadaver gets the boot. Until next time, folks, and stay tuned for Carolyn’s exit interview.

Bonus pic: The gratuitous shirtless Pete Wentz shot. You’re welcome.


Don't miss the second episode of Best Ink 2 on Wednesday, April 10 at 9/8c!


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