The Best Moments of Episode 2 (PHOTOS)

By Lauren Zupkus

Can you keep a secret? Neither can we! In this week’s episode of Best Ink 2, the tattoo artists competed to reveal inner secrets with their designs. But first, Pete Wentz had a secret of his own to reveal during the flash challenge. ... guest judge Ray J!

It’s only natural that a ladies' man like Ray J gets musical inspiration from the nightclubs he frequents, so the tattoo artists were ushered into Tru Hollywood nightclub for their first challenge. The artists, equipped with glow in the dark paint had one task: to paint one story with the lights on, and another with the lights off.

While Teresa was a close runner-up with her daytime beauty to Day of the Dead transformation, Jerod won over Ray J with his romantic love story that went beyond the surface and got $1500 to show for it!

The next challenge again showcased the mysterious side of life. The artists were challenged to use UV ink on skins who had juicy secrets to share: a bad ass Christian, a mother who’s down to rage, a medical admin with a Roller Derby hobby. … the freaks come out at night!

And as usual, there were bumps in the road. Melvin worried about his "skin"’s vision, while Teresa was nervous to do script.  And while none of the artists felt too confident in their work with UV ink, Alli panicked the most, grilling host Joe for consultation. Like that was gonna work…

Naturally, this pissed off Tylor, But he was quickly distracted by his over the top flirtatious partner, who cooed, “Only in tattoos will I say I like it smaller. … ” Yeah. That happened.

With the ink rolling and the needles going, Teresa’s "skin" struggles. Ouch.

Eventually, the secrets were inked, and the real mystery of elimination lingered. And while the judges’ critiques were pretty harsh (um, Derek’s tat got compared to a turd with wings. …) and Teresa got blamed for her client’s spelling mishap below (yikes)...

… They were eventually pleased best with Brittany’s vivacious design to match her cotton candy personality (and lipstick!).

She, Jerod and Tylor called out Dollarz, Kelly and Melvin as the weaklings, but the judges ultimately sent Melvin packing. See ya!

Oh yeah, and DJ had a total meltdown and thought Kelly deserved to go home instead. *Awkward*

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