Top 30 Sexiest Sabina Kelley Best Ink Pics (for Dave Navarro's Eyes Only)

By Matt Muro

Dear Dave Navarro,

We noticed your tweet to our Best Ink judge Sabina Kelley:


@sabina_kelley I have an editor cut it down and show me just your moments.

— Dave Navarro (@DaveNavarro) April 3, 2013


At first, we thought maybe you were studying the competition as part of your hosting duties for Ink Master. Then it dawned on us that you are an alt-rock legend, and Sabina is a heavily tattooed, platinum blonde pinup model with a penchant for pink vintage hot rods and bikinis. 

In short, the two of you may be soul mates - and we are sorry for you that Sabina is already taken. To this end, we had an editor round up only Sabina's moments from our behind-the-scenes photography of the Best Ink 2 set. Enjoy!

Tune in to tonight's episode of 'Best Ink 2' at 10/9c!


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